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Case study: Kaplan

About Kaplan

Kaplan is a pioneer in the for-profit education industry, with a brand name that is synonymous with quality, innovation and integrity. Kaplan offers a wide range of products and services for learners of all ages - from kindergarten students mastering basic skills to professionals looking for career advancement.


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Education Management

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Kaplan, is one of the world’s largest education providers. They use Bannerflow to design, produce and publish their international ad campaigns. We spoke to Andre Teixeira about their experience of using Bannerflow.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in marketing before using Bannerflow?

At Kaplan’s marketing department we target 23 markets in 15 languages. The biggest challenge we had was undoubtedly the roll-out of creative assets for our global campaigns. Even though we have a design team in-house, to launch campaigns on a global scale, we needed the support of freelance designers for the production and localization of banners. This was quite a tough process since it necessitated a channel of communication between designers and regional marketing managers until we had the final versions ready for deployment on the Performance Media Channels.

Then the production process involved the submission of a request to our design team. These requests were then prioritised in the Design Sprints along with the production web pages, print materials, etc. When you put all of this together, it could take around 25 hours in total, not including the handicap which was that the time of delivery was dependent on the order flow in the design team’s pipeline, and it could sometimes take weeks until they had availability to produce the banners.

"I consider Bannerflow a game changer for any marketing team or digital agency"

So now you use Bannerflow, how long does it now take the team to build a campaign like this?

Now, the production of a campaign ready to be localised takes about two hours – animated, HTML5 banners, which have far better quality than GIFs. These are then sent for translation to the regional marketing teams, and each translator takes an average of five to ten minutes to enter the text.

And how many sizes and translations do you typically produce for a campaign?

At the moment, we produce global campaigns and market specific ones. For a global campaign, there are roughly in nine different sizes for 20 markets, each one with its ad copy version. This is an average of 180 banners per campaign.

What impact has Bannerflow had on your team’s productivity?

The impact on the roll-out of creative assets was huge. Bannerflow not only allowed us to produce higher quality banners and localise in several languages on a much faster timescale but also opened the doors to institute iteration processes to optimize our banners. Until we used Bannerflow, this was unthinkable due to the length of the production process.

What is your overall impression of Bannerflow?

I consider Bannerflow a game changer for any marketing team or digital agency with a focus on Programmatic Display Advertising. We had contact with various vendors before we decided to partner with Bannerflow and I believe it is the best technology available in the market.

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Is that really a valid e-mail?
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