Maximise ROI with Creative Personalisation

Have the right message, to the right person, at the right time, with the best creative – everytime.

Personalise your ads with Bannerflow

Connects to All Major Personalisation Solutions

Google Studio
Google Marketing Platform
Salesforce audience studio

Personalisation With DCO

Power dynamic creative optimisation with hundreds of tailored variations

Produce dynamic ad experiences

Create hyper-relevant, impactful campaigns that combine analytics and auto-optimisation with quality outputs.

Optimise live ads in real-time

Stay relevant by optimising live dynamic creatives in real-time – without using cookies, via your existing advertising technology.

Inject creativity into your DCO campaigns

From video and interactivity to live data feeds – use a range of creative variations to connect with specific viewers.

Easily connect Bannerflow to your DCO solution

Benefit from a customisable setup tailored for your marketing team’s processes, knowledge and technology.

Product Recommendations

Display specific products and engage users with relevant offers

Display specific products

Show your target audience selected products and offers, via product catalogues and other data sources.

Retarget safely

Re-engage using retargeting to promote a specific product that a user has previously expressed interest in.

Improve conversions

Improve your chances of a conversion by targeting users who have browsed product pages, or have shown intent with specific products.

Product feeds

Act faster by retargeting via a product feed to cross-sell and tackle cart abandonment effectively.

Turn your data into visuals

Connect our platform to your existing product recommendation or inventory solution and personalise offers with richer visuals.


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