Banner examples and other ad formats

Design eye-catching ads for multiple channels – without a single line of code.

Banner examples and other ad formats

Design eye-catching ads for multiple channels – without a single line of code.

In-house has never looked this good

Meliá’s in-house team now centralises its display ad production. The in-house team in Palma now has full control over all design assets and are able to quickly build, approve, and optimise global and regional display campaigns.

The Meliá team were also able to move the production of dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) advertising in-house. Meaning that they can create hyper relevant and personalised campaigns for an even greater return on investment.

Are you suffering from BADS*?

Get a report of how bad (or good) your BADS are and get a customised treatment plan on how you can get better!
*BADS, short for Bad Ads

Better banners, better performance

Smart scaling, and a powerful ad creator reduces the time it takes Shutterstock to build eye-catching display campaigns. Meaning faster and more efficient ad production.

Plus, real-time publishing and live analytics helps to improve its ad performance, via A/B testing. While, Bannerflow’s unique collaboration features allows the entire Shutterstock in-house team to create global campaigns in the cloud.

Creative campaigns in minutes

Casumo now personalises its display advertising using dynamic creative optimisation (DCO). Combining Bannerflow’s DCO offering and Google products they are able to target specific audiences, across the sales funnel – with variations of ad creative.

What’s more, they can apply different messages, different images, and different CTAs, across different ad designs – all within the same campaign.

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