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We are Bannerflow

Meet the team behind the banner building machine

Daniel Jacobsson and Emanuel Lundman, designer and developer are sick and tired of manually coding banner ads day in and day out. They realise that there must be a better solution. So they decided to build one. Founders Daniel and Emanuel start to code Bannerflow in their spare time. A beta version of Bannerflow for Flash ads is released.

Daniel Bannerflow

Daniel Fahlén sees the potential of Bannerflow and joins the team. The company is registered and the founders start working on the project full-time. As Bannerflow sees its first two customers, the very first Bannerflow office is opened. Bannerflow employs their first team members who work remotely.

Daniel and Daniel Bannerflow

As 10 new clients join Bannerflow, the first Bannerflow office for 4 employees is opened.


Bannerflow welcomes customer number 20.


The first version of the Bannerflow HTML5 banner builder is released.


Team Bannerflow moves to a bigger office with space for 10.

Bannerflow for HTML5 banner ad campaigns, with an offering for small and medium businesses is released. 


Bannerflow moves to a new office with space for 30 team members.

Bannerflow is recognised by Computer Sweden as one of the hottest IT companies in Sweden.

Over 500 brands in the Bannerflow family. Bannerflow now has customers in more than 30 different countries! Bannerflow banner ads now reach over 25 million views per day.

Bannerflow moves to a new office with space for a team of 70.

Bannerflow team

Bannerflow ranks at number 11 on the Deloitte Fast 50 list as one of the fastest growing IT-companies in Sweden, with organic growth from 2010 to 2015 of 690%. becomes one of the top 1500 of most viewed domains in the world. Bannerflow banner ads reach over 100 million views per day.

More than 1.5 million banner ads have been created in Bannerflow as the company continues to grow at rapid pace.

Life at Bannerflow

We believe business grows where culture thrives.


Welcome home. We've been missing you.

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Email: Phone: +46 (0) 8 – 25 20 20

Stockholm - Sweden

Bannerflow St Eriksgatan 46C 112 34 Stockholm Sweden

New York - USA

Bannerflow USA 220 E. 42nd street Suite 409A New York New York 10017