Gain Control with Creative Campaign Management

Boost performance and accelerate decisions with campaign management.

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Publishing With Bannerflow

Easily manage ads with various publishing options to reach your audience

Publish across channels

Benefit from direct integrations to over 20 ad servers, networks,W and DSPs. Are you in need of a custom solution? No problem.

Workflow for Social Ads

Create social media ads and publish them straight into an existing social campaign and ad set.

You’re in control

Gain full control over your affiliates and the publishing of brand-consistent ads.

Streamlined processes

An intuitive interface and automated distribution give you a more efficient publishing workflow.

Export to Facebook

Directly export images and videos to Facebook Ads Manager.

Direct integrations

Benefit from direct integrations to over 20+ ad servers, DSPs and ad networks. As well as custom solutions.

Dynamic Content

Combine automation, creativity, and data feeds to make campaigns that convert

Automatic data feeds

Use automatic data feeds which update ad creative with whatever you want, whenever you want. Such as specific product offers, or messages.

Relevant content

Use dynamic content to enable your ads to stay relevant to customers when and how you want.

Live data feeds

Apply and connect a range of live data feeds to digital ads across entire campaigns. For example, live stock inventories or live odds.

No coding

Increase engagement by making all your display advertising dynamic via drag and drop, with no coding.

Approved Martech Vendor

Google Marketing Platform
Google Ads

Analyse Creatives

Enhance your advertising performance through data-driven decision making

Seamless connections

Seamlessly connect to data management platforms (DMP), demand side platforms (DSP), and ad servers.

A/B testing

Find what converts best. Use A/B testing and real-time data analytics to evaluate versions and ad variations.


Gain live insight into how customers are interacting with your creatives via the use of heatmaps.

Campaign analytics

See metrics such as click-through rate, clicks, impressions, video starts and views – even add your own custom events.

Schedule and Rotate Campaigns

Show audiences timely offers or react to events with full control

Intuitive setup

Benefit from an intuitive interface with calendar view and WYSIWYG workflow for adding, updating or removing events.

Fallback creatives

Stay prepared and cover holes in your ad calendar thanks to fallback creatives.

Decision tree

Save time through automating the publishing of live ads with easy to apply decision tree technology.


Rotate between multiple ad creatives. Plus add weighting and overriding to show different ads at the same time.

Cross channel control

Simplify how you control multiple channels with cloud scheduling for HTML5 display, affiliates, onsite, DOOH and digital signage.


Bannerflow in 3 min

Discover how Bannerflow can boost every aspect of your digital advertising strategy in as little as three minutes.


Boost performance via a smart algorithm
 which promotes your best ad creative

Simple setup

Intuitive and simple to set up
 –just add auto-optimisation to your campaign via drag and drop.

Smarter optimisation

Use an industry leading optimisation algorithm, which provides better results quicker and can be adapted to your brands needs.

Automate optimisation

Automate optimisation of all ad assets including fonts and images based on click-through data.

Test more creatives

Go beyond industry best practice and boost performance. Use up to 20 creatives per test, rather than just 2-4 creatives per test.

Save money

Save money compared to traditional manual testing through the automation of creative optimisation.


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