Ad formats

Every digital format you need, at the push of a button.

Ad formats

Every digital format you need, at the push of a button.

We’ve got you covered

Discover the ad formats you can produce in our Creative Management Platform.

Display advertising

Responsive HTML5

Produce HTML5 creatives in any size for campaigns across desktop, mobile, and all other devices.

Rich media

Stand out of the crowd with display advertising that features engaging HTML5 animations, interactivity and video.

Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)

Connect creatives to live data feeds and apply dynamic creative optimisation for the ultimate personalised display campaign.

Social media

Create social ads for all the major social networks, including video formats:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat 
  • Linkedin

Onsite content

Onsite messaging – at scale

Replace generic CRM copy, images, and videos with dynamic HTML5 ad placements that adjust and change, depending on the customer or viewer. 

Onsite personalisation

Use your Customer Data Platform (CDP), Data Management Platform (DMP) – any data – to match the best content with users in real-time, for site messages and placements.

In-store / digital signage

In-store communication

Control all your in-store signage: create variants for franchises, chains, locations big or small. Update digital displays with live stock listings and special offers.

Dynamic signage

Inject real-time data into your in-store ads. Create and schedule customised ads for events, locations, and particular times of day. Be as specific as you need to be.

Digital out-of home (DOOH)

Create motion advertising for digital billboards – with full creative control. Show ads in-store, by the highway, on the subway, anywhere!

Additional formats

Create HTML5, MP4, JPG, PNG and GIF formats from a single master creative for whatever channel you choose, such as email, instream video and organic social.

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