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    Kaizen Gaming is a rapidly expanding GameTech company with great global recognition. With a focus on Technology and People, Kaizen continually strives to provide the best and most trusted online gaming experience to their customers worldwide.

    Kaizen operates two brands, Stoiximan in Greece and Cyprus and Betano, launched in 12 countries. Obsessed with its customers, Kaizen uses technology and data to constantly push the boundaries of online gaming entertainment.



    Kaizen Gaming faced significant challenges in their marketing efforts. Social media isn't a one-size-fits-all platform, and deploying ads presented unique challenges due to different markets' consumption patterns and cultural nuances. Crafting custom campaigns for each market was time-intensive and difficult to replicate consistently. Embedding real-time game updates and odds, essential for a thriving iGaming strategy, was challenging. Additionally, the variety of formats and specifications across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posed integration challenges​​.

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    Kaizen Gaming partnered with Bannerflow, incorporating its Social Dynamic Ads (SDAs) to transform their social media advertising. Bannerflow enabled real-time match and odds updates and compliance with regional regulations, enhancing engagement. This allowed Kaizen to run approximately 100 campaigns across 10 markets.

    Bannerflow’s collaborative features streamlined workflows, allowing teams to share URLs to adapted designs instead of manual updates. This ensured campaign consistency and a coherent brand image across 14 markets. The platform’s automation improved efficiency by extracting essential data like match details and odds, ensuring timely relevance in their marketing efforts.



    The partnership with Bannerflow resulted in substantial improvements for Kaizen Gaming. They doubled their creative output within the same timeframe, significantly increasing ad engagement. By utilizing Bannerflow's tools, they elevated their presence in rich media, resulting in a 20% increase in conversion rates. Automated updates and easy ad optimization allowed for more efficient and effective marketing strategies.

    Overall, Kaizen Gaming saw a notable boost in total gross gaming revenue and a 15% increase in user engagement, showcasing the success of their tailored and dynamic campaigns​​.

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    “Bannerflow enabled us to run everything we wanted. I mean, we ran banners for twelve countries at the same time with the same campaign for the same match, in real-time, for four matches per day. We couldn't have done it without Bannerflow.”



    Manos Stefanopoulos
    Marketing Manager at Kaizen Gaming

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