Accelerate Decisions
With Campaign Management

Make timely campaigns that convert with real-time publishing, dynamic ads and creative optimisation.

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Trusted by leading brands worldwide

Premium Distribution and Real-Time Publishing

Save time, update live campaigns and become truly agile in your advertising

Push entire campaigns live in a click

Our platform works smoothly together with ad networks to streamline your publishing.

Update published ads in real-time

Live ads can be updated whenever you want, with no republishing required.

Simplify how you distribute ads

Distribute your ads across channels, programmatic providers, affiliates, display, and social networks.

Benefit from a customisable setup

Customised integration options are available to meet all your unique advertising needs.

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Approved Martech Vendor

Google Marketing Platform
Google Ads

Streamline Campaign Workflows

Put the power back in your hands – gain premium control over your advertising

Save time with automation

Accelerate workflows thanks to the automation of distribution and optimisation.

React faster and stay relevant

Have the agility to respond to changes in the market and update ads instantly.

Manage your campaigns in real-time

Save money and time through real-time campaign management.

Take back control of campaigns

Regain transparency over every decision and become less dependent on third parties.

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Become More Efficient and Data Driven

It only takes a few minutes to take control of your campaigns!

Power Your Campaigns With Data

Boost performance with dynamic content and apply real-time insights

Combine creativity and data for maximum impact

Increase your creative impact by using live data feeds and other dynamic options in your ads.

Maximise engagement with live insights

Improve performance via live ad optimisations such as A/B testing and heatmaps.

Customise your optimisation process

See the data driving your campaigns the way you want, when you want.

Make transparent data driven decisions

Be data driven at every stage of your digital campaign, from creation to conversion.

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Automate Creative Optimisation

Increase ROI by automatically finding the best performing ad creative

Have more relevant campaigns

Stay timely and show viewers your latest offers thanks to automated scheduling.

Achieve up to 150% ad uplift

Use our auto-optimisation algorithm to promote your best ads and experience 50-150% uplift.

Manage published campaigns smarter

Swap copy and ad creative in live campaigns by automatically scheduling changes.

Easily optimise your media and ad creative

Reach your goals faster by performing both media and creative optimisations.

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Case Study: Kindred Group

Discover how iGaming company Kindred Group creates dynamic display campaigns for brands, including Unibet, in-house.

“Using the Bannerflow platform, the creative team can create innovative dynamic banner campaigns quickly and easily.”

Max Taub
Max Taub Head of Acquisition Optimization

Full Support of Our Customer Success Team

From your first campaign to your thousandth, our Customer Success team is there for you always – with comprehensive support as standard

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