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Stay ahead of the competition

Display your latest offers using dynamic content, such as live product feeds, stock lists, and discount codes. Make adjustments based on insight to turn views into conversions. 

Edit published ads instantly, across campaigns, in just a few clicks. Show one offer for Black Friday and update it for Cyber Monday without republishing.

"For us, it’s really easy to produce all the different sizes. We just make one banner and then scale it to the different sizes we need – without any of the repetitive design tasks!"

Guðrún Ósk Sigurjónsdóttir
Guðrún Ósk Sigurjónsdóttir Digital Asset Manager at Elko

7 Display Advertising Challenges (And Solutions) for Consumer and Retail Brands

In this guide, we offer actions and strategies to help your brand create display ad campaigns that stand out that convert.

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Increase creativity, cut ad fatigue

Scale ads fast to maximise performance. Use your new found time to concept and optimise – plus, personalise campaigns with dynamic creative optimisation (DCO).

Design with freedom

Use a range of drag and drop widgets to drive engagement. Apply animations, add to basket functionality, sign-up forms, and much more – without writing a single line of code.

Go local, stay personal

Optimise workflows for complex multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-market campaigns. Collaborate with designers, copywriters, and translators in-platform to localise ads in minutes.

Connect onsite

Personalise your onsite content by utilising HTML5 dynamic creatives. From sponsored products to targeted headers, grab your customers’ attentions with data-driven placements.

Work omnichannel

Bring your online capabilities offline. Control in-store and out-of-home signage, creating variants for franchises, chains, and locations. Display real-time data and offers to boost sales.

Make customers feel special again

Anyone can use product feeds but are you connecting with viewers? Use ad personalisation and product recommendations for more efficient conversions.

You can still sort and filter products by stock level, popularity, or user behaviour – but with engaging ad designs. Break free of templates and increase clicks.

Make customers feel special again

Excite audiences

Move beyond simple GIFs and create something really exciting. Use time saving, drag and drop HTML5 widgets to apply interactivity, rich media, and video to your campaigns.

Better yet, speak to your customers across the channels they use – from display to social. Try different messages for true digital storytelling, while achieving a unified brand experience.

”For me, it’s been a journey, a very fun journey; experimenting and publishing my experiments. And the statistics are the proof – especially for this campaign, which performed quite well.“

David Sundh
David Sundh Art Director at City Gross

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