Personalise Your Digital Marketing

Create ads for a range of personalisation solutions that keep costs low, ROI high, and connect with consumers.


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Premium Ads for Personalisation

Use our platform to tailor ads to specific audiences and increase performance

Stand out from the competition

Connect our platform to your personalisation provider and drive conversions with impactful ads.

Customise your martech stack

Use a custom martech stack integration that works for you and your brand.

Display creative ads that connect

Increase performance by selecting and serving the most relevant creative and message.

Streamlined and simple processes

Benefit from seamless interactions between our products and distribution partners.

Premium Ads for Personalisation

Power Personalisation With Creativity

Integration with Creative Studio provides control over every design element

Premium outputs which convert

Reach customers using your best creative designs.

Outstanding and premium experiences

Use a combination of creative options like rich media, video and data feeds to provide personalised experiences.

Expand your design palette

Construct personalised campaigns with unique ad variations tailored to viewers.

Go beyond basic templates

Take the next step beyond basic templates – create bespoke variations that work for your audiences.

Personalise Your Digital Advertising

Learn how you can tailor ad experiences for maximum impact at minimum cost.

Automate the Production of Personalised Ads

Use unlimited quality ad variations to increase campaign performance

Fast ad production at scale

Faster and more streamlined production of ad variations at scale via Creative Studio.

Brand consistent ads at volume

Remain consistent across markets and campaigns when producing at huge volume.

Ultimate creative ad control

Control individual creative variations and entire campaigns thanks to our cloud solution.

Excellent efficiency via automation

Automated ad production makes relevant campaigns cost efficient and easier to do.

Case Study: Meliá Hotels International

By using the Bannerflow platform, Melia was able to in-house their production of dynamic creatives for DCO campaigns.

“We are able to build better creatives with Bannerflow: showing the right message to our audience, boosting our CTR, and therefore increasing our ROI.”

Jose Luis Aranda
Jose Luis Aranda Global Digital Media Advertising Director

Benefit From Cheaper and Faster Personalisation

Use the combined power and features of Bannerflow

Increase advertising ROI

Increase ROI by making changes to live individual ads. Test creative ideas at no additional cost.

Simple to set up

Simple to set up by yourself – doesn’t require expensive external assistance.

Inject creativity into your campaigns

Consolidate creative technologies and use one system to control your dynamic ads.

Use best in class technologies

Personalising campaigns is faster to do with Bannerflow because you are already setup with the correct technologies.

Benefit from Cheaper and Faster Personalisation

Become a Specialist in Personalised Advertising

A dedicated customer success manager will equip your team with the skills to produce and control personalised campaigns.

Bring technologies in-house and produce one-to-one creatives for a better return of investment, without long lead times or loss of control.


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