Headquartered in Stockholm, Storytel is one of the world’s leading audiobook and e-book streaming services and offers unlimited listening and reading of more than 500,000 titles on a global scale.

Present in 20+ different markets it prides itself on connecting with customers at a local level. Storytel is a remarkable success story, one where adaptation and best in class localisation plays a starring role.

Challenges and goals

For the Storytel team the main challenge for digital advertising and in particular display, was making all the formats, especially small formats, required for multi-market campaigns – at volume.

What’s more, localisation of ad assets and being able to adapt campaigns at record speed was crucial. While, automation of production processes was highlighted by the Storytel team, as a key requirement in order for them to grow.

“We don't speak all 20+ languages – previously we had to spend time collecting all the translations. In Bannerflow we don't. It’s just, translate in-platform and it's done.”

Nikolina Ivis
Nikolina Ivis Design Coordinator

Solutions and results

By using the Bannerflow platform, the Storytel team quickly create thousands of brand consistent and localised display ads, across multiple languages and markets using one platform – at maximum efficiency.

The team now has full brand control over all creative assets and is able to quickly, approve, and optimise global display campaigns. What’s more, they can create ad formats for multiple markets, worldwide – slashing production times.

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Storytel Achieved

Storytel Achieved

“A big change has been that things that once were done by a production company, we now use Bannerflow instead.”

Sara Waldestam

Sara Waldestam
Campaign Planner

Efficient production

Today, the Storytel design team can go from concept to hundreds of different formats in hours.

Automated production features, such as smart scaling, enable the design team to not only build remarkable campaigns but increase ad performance by optimising live ads, in real-time.

Powerful localisation

Thanks to easy duplication, and an intuitive cloud-based setup, global teams can take campaigns and quickly adapt and translate them to local markets, in-platform.

Plus, it is now able to offer an array of signed-off, cloud-based templates and assets, which local markets can repurpose in minutes – making Storytel more agile.

Multi-format production

As well as creating HTML5 display campaigns, the Storytel team is now able to produce static, social and video assets using the same platform.

The result is greater control over multiple channels and further decreases in the time it takes to produce complex, multi-market and multi-channel campaigns.

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