Case study: LeoVegas

“Bannerflow is every designer and affiliate team’s best kept secret.”


Case study: LeoVegas

“Bannerflow is every designer and affiliate team’s best kept secret.”



LeoVegas’ vision is to be No.1 in mobile gaming and this is characterised by its award-winning innovation and growth. It prides itself on creating the greatest gaming experience for mobile devices. With the industry’s most prestigious awards under its belt, and a “mobile first” approach, LeoVegas’ aim is to take iGaming, and it’s display advertising, to new heights.


LeoVegas works in many markets but it can be a challenge to organise and handle simultaneous campaigns across different regions and clients. Being able to control affiliates, as well as publish campaigns across markets, and track them effectively, all within the same platform is essential.


Bannerflow helps LeoVegas stay on top of its marketing assets. In particular, scheduling makes planning much less challenging for LeoVegas. Plus, monitoring affiliate campaigns, across languages, markets, and products, is a far simpler task.

LeoVegas is also able to edit banners directly in their affiliate platform, NetRefer, in real-time. This allows LeoVegas to monitor clicks, impressions and CTR for each display ad. Giving them the advantage of quickly adjusting design and copy according to campaign performance. This feedback loop is helping to further improve the results of campaigns.

Another benefit of Bannerflow is usability. Building display ads, modifying them, adjusting them, swapping text, and publishing is easy. Plus, any small changes to a banner’s design can be performed by LeoVegas’ affiliate team releasing the design team from unnecessary extra workload.


According to Gloria Cereda, Account Management Team Lead at LeoVegas, Bannerflow has changed the way LeoVegas works by: “increasing LeoVegas’ efficiency in design and campaign planning”. This flexibility now allows the team to focus on tailoring marketing efforts.

For example, its affiliate team now responds to requests quicker – with modified assets supplied in less than an hour. This has resulted in better affiliate partner relationships, and helped LeoVegas to win the prestigious Digital Acquisition Program of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas.

Finally, for LeoVegas’ Gloria Cereda, Bannerflow is proving a worthy investment “as ad production time has decreased significantly”. Her design team now focuses on creating higher quality ads with exciting effects, across different formats – leading to increases in conversion and CTR rate. A perfect end result.

“Bannerflow is every designer and affiliate team's best kept secret. We are very satisfied with the system and we will definitely keep using it in the future.”

Gloria Cereda Account Management Team Lead

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