Case study: Saxo Bank

“We can handle the speed of the market. We can discuss an idea in the morning and by the afternoon we are live with a campaign.”

Case study: Saxo Bank

“We can handle the speed of the market. We can discuss an idea in the morning and by the afternoon we are live with a campaign.”

Background and challenges

The Saxo Bank Group is a pioneer of fintech, and one of the most trusted names in the industry. Saxo Bank has used Bannerflow for its display advertising since 2017.

Before Bannerflow, display production at Saxo Bank was manual and time consuming; so much so that it actually stressed the organisation – from production timelines, review rounds, to hosting, and just getting campaigns setup for distribution. 

Plus, with many markets to cover and legislation constantly changing, being able to produce and control display advertising that bought in clients and provided value for money was essential. 

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Solutions and results

Saxo Bank’s design, production, approval and optimisations phases are now much more streamlined. While, effective collaboration is saving time and budget. 

What’s more, this time saved is enabling Saxo Bank to innovate. Using personalisation and relevance, to serve the right ad creative to the right user.

Agility, flexibility, and adaptability are now at the heart of Saxo Bank’s display campaigns. Whether working in different time zones, or working from home, projects happen simultaneously and fast.   

“Bannerflow makes it possible for us to work with a not so prestigious ad space – successfully optimising and utilising display effectively to bring clients in.”

Mads Cramer
Mads Cramer Global Head of Brand, Content and Design

Saxo Bank achieved

Saxo Bank achieved

Saxo Bank

“Despite the platform seeming quite simple, you can do some quite powerful stuff in it – and that’s really impressed me.”

Jing Pang

Jing Pang
Display Design Specialist

Seamless production

Using Bannerflow’s unique collaboration features, the in-house team at Saxo Bank is able to work together in one shared space to design, scale and localise display campaigns.

A single designer at Saxo Bank is now able to design master creatives, which are quickly scaled out into hundreds of different versions using creative automation. Production time has gone from weeks to days.  

Brand control

As a global brand, Saxo Bank must maintain control of its customer experience, as well as adapt to legislation and restrictions in real-time. Using Bannerflow it can now.

Thanks to all brand assets being hosted in the cloud and direct integrations the in-house team at Saxo Bank can, and ensure that local teams have ad sets updated and ready to go within hours.  

Innovative advertising

Saxo Bank is now able to animate its display advertising, thanks to Creative Studio, and it’s range of drag and drop HTML5 widgets. This has removed the need for time-consuming coding and enabled a greater range of ad creative.

Best of all the weight of more advanced assets is kept low thanks to automatic optimisations, meaning ads have fast load speeds and are network ready every time.

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"I can even go in and create a whole new ad set in a different language in two minutes – it’s that easy."


"We couldn’t even think about working without it now – it’s a crucial part of how we work."


"Compared to the time when we didn’t have Bannerflow it’s a lot, lot easier. The scaling is a great feature."

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