12 reasons why travel brands need a creative management platform

12 reasons why travel brands need a creative management platform

Creative management platforms (CMPs) are revolutionising the way travel marketers are doing business. Put simply, they engineer a new, more effective way of working.

In this article, we outline the 12 features and tools of premium CMPs that enable travel marketers to create truly exceptional ads, with ease.



1. A versatile ad builder

In a competitive market, producing an eye-catching master creative for your travel campaign is key.

Some CMPs, like Bannerflow, have a user interface so intuitive that anyone can use it to create complex HTML5 designs. With our ad builder, there’s no need to individually code every HTML5 element, or copy and paste each function into a new banner size. With automatic resizing and optimising – it makes creativity a dream.


2. An efficient scaling tool

So, you’ve built your master creative? What next?

A CMP’s scaling tool enables teams to quickly produce ads across the smallest and biggest screens – and all those in-between. A CMP can use its smart scaling function to produce creative in seconds. In fact, the more banners you build, the easier the process becomes as the platform learns your preferences.

3. Chain-free translation management

Producing campaigns across markets that connect with viewers in their own language can be a complex process.

At the heart of Bannerflow’s creative management platform is streamlined translation management. With a cloud-based CMP, translations can be made within ads by translators, who also see their ad copy in all the chosen formats. They then work collaboratively with designers to edit, revise copy, and other elements – with instant feedback.


4. Engaging and easy to use rich media

Boring banners don’t convert. Using Rich media is the answer – yet, issues with HTML5 coding still persist.

Bannerflow’s unique HTML5 widgets make it easy to create engaging rich media ads, without the need to code. Via the use of widgets, interactive, video, innovative display ads are all now within reach for every in-house travel team. In fact, the opportunities for exciting design are endless.

5. Collaboration features that work

Good collaboration opens the door to brilliant travel advertising. It should be easy – but often it isn’t.

However, this isn’t the case with Bannerflow’s creative management platform. Via a single preview link, all team members can view and comment on all the different sizes, languages, and versions of creatives. Meaning teams across the world can work together, in real-time, on the same project.

6. Simplified and real-time publishing

Creative management platforms make publishing travel campaigns to multiple ad networks a smooth process. All takes is a few clicks. Yes, really it does.

With Bannerflow’s CMP and you can update live ads in an instant – freeing up valuable time and enabling agile advertising practices.

7. Dynamic creative and data feeds

Dynamic creative and data feeds mean presenting the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

For those brands who use Bannerflow’s creative management platform, setting up a campaign is straightforward and clear. Stay fresh and personalised all the time and update in real-time. Serve live offers, the latest currencies; display whatever data you want – there’s no limit.

8. A landing page builder tool

Producing a bespoke landing page for each campaign is often overlooked.

That’s why mass-producing landing pages – as easily as you do display advertising – is another feature of Bannerflow. What’s more, you can optimise and update your landing pages like you do banner ads. In the world of travel advertising, the days of a less-than-perfect landing page are over.

9. Easy scheduling that lets you plan in advance

Being able to schedule in advance – and adjust to events – is essential for creating campaigns that connect with viewers.

That’s why integrated scheduling tools are the most effective way of handling your travel campaign from beginning to end. Scheduling with a CMP gives you the ability to select your banner ads and schedule them in one place, as well as set place-holders and A/B test to your heart’s content.

10. Analytics for every member of the team

Too often analytics can involve many different parties, with a significant delay between publication and actionable creative results.

This isn’t the case with the Bannerflow CMP. In-house travel brands now have access to live, transparent, and actionable data. Not only that but everyone can be involved in a campaign, from a marketing manager to a designer, can use it through integrated features.

11. Customisable dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)

Personalisation of your travel ads is now vital.

Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) with a creative management platform is the ideal pairing of data and creative. Teams can now use geographic, demographic, and behavioural data to produce tailored ads for each viewer.

DCO essentially uses smart feeds to produce hyper-relevant ad creative, dependent upon who is seeing an ad. And being able to power your Bannerflow-built creative ads with DCO is the perfect combination.


12. Digital out-of-home campaigns

Finally, Digital out-of-home (DOOH), it’s nothing new. But can you imagine being able to control it in the same platform as your display campaigns?

For Bannerflow customers that is now a reality. It’s is a format-agnostic platform, meaning you can integrate your store’s digital signage into the rest of your travel brand’s online advertising.

Want to know more?

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