Producing dynamic travel display ads with a CMP

Producing dynamic travel display ads with a CMP

Dynamic travel display campaigns are a must for the savvy travel marketer.

In this blog, we explain how a creative management platform (CMP) makes using dynamic content simple by:

  • Making it easy to add a data feed
  • Combining rich media and data feeds
  • Automating complex processes
  • Personalising large display campaigns

Hyper-relevant and engaging ads that convert

Dynamic creative changes your perception of travel marketing. It really is presenting the right message, to the right person, at the right time. It’s digital advertising delivering on the promises travel brands’ have heard so many times over the years.

Combined with developments in production and targeting, dynamic campaigns are rising in popularity. Yet, still, for some travel marketing teams applying dynamic content to display ad campaigns is a distant possibility.

Using dynamic content in your travel banners without a CMP

Before the advent of premium CMPs (like Bannerflow) adding a feed to a banner set was difficult.

Tech departments struggled to provide scalable options. Meaning creating banners that presented viewers with live data, such as up-to-date pricing, were generally avoided.

1. Managing data was not a simple task

A travel brand wanting to use live data feeds would need high performance architecture to serve their feeds. Unfortunately, many brands simply didn’t (and still don’t) have this.

For every impression pulled from a data feed, you needed the ad tech to cope with one billion feed requests per month. Advertisers could certainly use a feed data but their servers couldn’t hope to supply the demand.

What’s more, there were issues in how the data was presented in the banners too. For example, typefaces sometimes didn’t work because they were too large in file-size. Meaning it was a struggle to adhere to strict brand guidelines!

2. Only static and boring banners

Furthermore, creating dynamic banners that contained rich media was unthinkable.

Interactivity or unique functionally added another layer of complexity that just couldn’t be feasibly scaled manually. Or if you attempted it, it would require far more development time than was satisfactory.

There had to be a better way.

Producing dynamic ad campaigns with a CMP

When it comes to connecting a data feed to your banners, rejoice! The days of designers hitting their collective heads on their shiny white desks are well and truly over.

Staying fresh and personalised, plus updating in real-time is easy for travel brands with a premium CMP. Serve live offers, the latest currencies; display whatever data you want – with a CMP there’s no limit.

Dynamic travel display ads in Bannerflow

1. Automated and simple to apply

Better yet, thanks to the unique capabilities of CMPs, in-house teams can automate responsiveness. How? By being able to turn off and on, the data being fed. Thus, travel marketers can control and select what is shown when, across banner sets.

For example, an online travel agency (OTA) company could connect their ads to a product feed, which during key holiday dates would retarget consumers. Showing specific viewers, the availability of products they’ve shown an interest in and their latest prices.

dynamic travel display ads bannerflow

2. True dynamic creative advertising

Enterprise-level CMPs, such as Bannerflow, offer more tantalising options too. For example, you could integrate your data management platform (DMP) into your dynamic creatives. Or create personalised ads at scale that use customer journeys, demographics, or contextual prospecting.

Presenting the right message, to the right person, at the right time is now non-fiction.

Want to know more?

For travel brands that already use a creative management platform, using data and applying dynamic content to travel banners is easy.

The Bannerflow creative management platform is changing the way thousands of in-house brands operate. In our exclusive CMP focused travel guide discover:

  • Why everything you know about creating display campaigns is wrong
  • How a CMP will change the way you produce travel advertising
  • In-depth explainers to the features and tools of an enterprise-level CMP
  • Plus, practical tips, advice on strategies, and much more…

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