One platform for all your digital advertising

Get started in the blink of an eye. Scale up creative production for maximum efficiency and impact.

One platform for all your digital advertising

Get started in the blink of an eye. Scale up creative production for maximum efficiency and impact.

Introducing our Creative Management Platform

Say hello to the best kept secret in digital marketing. Design, schedule, publish, and optimise digital ads at volume – in a single cloud-based platform. Streamline your entire production workflow and collaborate faster.

Have time for creativity and tailor campaigns to increase performance. Use live insight – and work in real-time – to update ads across channels and markets. Become a digital advertising powerhouse overnight.

“Using a Creative Management Platform, we have been able to shorten our go-to-market time from 20 to 4 days!”

Lena Lindgren
Lena Lindgren Digital Transformation Manager

Idea in the morning – campaign in the afternoon

Cut repetitive tasks and increase your return on investment by letting designers do what they do best – design.

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Design eye-catching ads for multiple channels – without a single line of code. Use intuitive drag and drop features, animations, and live data feeds to unleash your team’s creativity.

  • Automate ad scaling
  • Produce dynamic creatives quickly
  • Manage brand consistent ads
  • Work flexible, via the cloud

Start creating!

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Reach customers with the best creative, maximising impact and performance. No one hates ads – they just hate ads that are irrelevant! 

  • Combine dynamic creative and data
  • In depth audience targeting
  • Use template-free designs
  • Enable dynamic creative optimisation 

Personalise your ads

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Say goodbye to manual publishing – push campaigns out in no time at all. Update or change ads in real-time, with just one click!

  • Simplify workflows and cut costs
  • Export and publish easily
  • Control multiple brands and markets
  • Schedule ads in advance

Extend your reach

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Analyse and optimise

Optimise your campaigns in real-time. Boost performance by cutting lead times and empower your creative team with data-driven decisions.

  • Real-time updates to live ads
  • See custom and standard metrics
  • Integrate data platforms easily
  • Use heatmaps to A/B test designs

Lift your campaigns

Create landing pages that convert

Create landing pages that convert

Make landing pages which are compatible with all tracking solutions, and can be updated in real-time.

Scale out responsive pages in seconds and increase conversions by applying HTML5 interactivity.

Create landing pages that convert with Bannerflow CMP

More than just a platform

More than just a platform

At Bannerflow there is always someone on hand to assist you – from your first campaign to your thousandth.

A designated Customer Success Manager will help guide your brand. No question is too small, no campaign too complex – we are in this together!

More than just a CMP

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