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The Latest Updates on Social Media Platforms

The social media landscape is ever-evolving and marketers need to stay updated to get the best results. In order to help you stay on track, we’ve put together some of the latest updates to social media platforms in the past week. From updates to Meta’s shoppable ads to YouTube’s introduction of trend content there’s a lot to digest, so let’s get right in. 


Meta pushes Brands towards running fully enabled shops in-app

Meta is introducing changes to Shop ads on Facebook and Instagram to improve in-stream buying efficiency and promote its AI ad targeting options. Shops with in-app checkout enabled perform better than those that refer buyers to a third-party website. 

As a result, Meta will remove the option to host Shops that refer to third-party websites, meaning brands will have to run fully enabled shops in-app or not run Shop ads at all. 

Meta plans to upgrade its in-stream shopping tools with new features and integrate Shop ads into its Advantage portfolio of automated ad solutions. 

The company is also working to enable more businesses to use Shop ads and make it easier for US businesses to set up a Shop with in-app checkout. 

Retailers who do not integrate shopping experiences will no longer be able to host a Shop on their Facebook or Instagram page or use product tagging in posts from August 10, 2023. This update indicates Meta’s interest in facilitating more in-app shopping elements and could encourage more purchase behaviour in its apps.


Instagram updates policies to improve UGC options for brands on Instagram

In response to the upsurge in UGC and consumers citing authentic UGC as the most trustworthy content; Instagram has changed its policies regarding affiliate marketing and has renamed Branded Content Ads to Partnership Ads. 

According to Instagram “Advertisers can now boost more types of organic Instagram content as partnership ads, including branded content with the paid partnership label, Instagram Collab posts, @mentions, people tags, product tags, and other content without the paid partnership label..”

This will provide more opportunities for monetising user-generated content (UGC) and help businesses boost brand awareness through UGC. To start a paid promotion, creators will need to enable the “Allow brand partner to boost” option. 

Instagram is also testing a new process to help brands feature user photos and videos in their IG shop.


Pinterest teams up with Amazon for third-party ad placements

Pinterest has announced a new partnership with Amazon that will allow Amazon advertisers to expand their campaigns to Pinterest, giving advertisers a strong performance and a seamless on-Amazon buying experience for consumers. This is the first step in Pinterest’s planned expansion of its ad offerings, which could be a valuable addition for a range of brands who purchase campaigns through partner apps.

Pinterest has 463 million monthly active users, each coming to the app in a discovery and purchase mindset, making it a great opportunity for brands to find new opportunities in Promoted Pins. By opening up its ad platform to more partner providers, Pinterest is looking to improve its revenue potential and become a top priority for social media marketers.


TikTok’s Introduces new Keyword Insights Tool for Advertisers

TikTok’s push towards being a search engine continues with the addition of a new ‘Keyword Insights tool’ to its Creative Center. It helps advertisers uncover top-performing keywords and phrases in TikTok ads, including “trending script keywords” in voice-overs, text overlays, and ad captions. 

Advertisers Simply enter a term in the search bar to start gathering information, and narrow your search results by region, industry, ad objective, keyword type, and timeframe. With the Keyword Insights tool, you can view a keyword’s performance, including how often it’s used and the average CTR of TikTok ads using it. 

Click the Details button to view specific videos using that keyword and learn how successful those ads are. This tool is perfect for refining ad copy and exploring new ideas before launching a new campaign. Head over to TikTok’s Business Help Center for more info. 


YouTube Highlights Emerging Content Trends in New Video Series

YouTube is launching a new monthly video series to highlight emerging trends on the platform, designed to assist creators and marketers alike. 

Hosted by Jade Beason, the series will showcase five top trends identified by YouTube’s experts, providing insight into what they are, how they work, and how you can adapt them for your content. 

In the first episode, the highlighted trends include Virtual Humans, Narrative Horror, Majorette Dancing, Wash Day Routine, and Nail Art, all of which present interesting data notes and tips that could help guide your approach.

By staying on top of the latest rising trends, you can discover some relevant insights for your creative efforts that tie into your branding and promotion push. Tune in to the monthly trend overviews to get ahead of the game.


Snapchat Introduces New Ad Opportunities

Snapchat is about to launch some new ad options that will take your campaigns to the next level! The first option is called ‘First Story’, and it ensures that your ad will be the first one shown between friend Stories in the app, reaching a whopping 50 million users. This premium placement is perfect for big campaigns or product launches, as it provides maximum awareness and impact.

In addition, Snapchat is launching ads in Spotlight, its popular TikTok-like feed of short videos. With over 350 million monthly active users and short-form video being a key entertainment element among younger audiences, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Your ads will be displayed between clips, providing another high engagement surface to reach Snapchatters.

Finally, Snap is also introducing the ‘Snap Star Collab Studio‘, which pairs brands with creators for campaigns. This initiative will help brands create more platform-native content that will resonate with our audience, and ensure that your campaigns are on-point and effective


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