How MásMóvil acquires new customers and overcomes ad production challenges
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How MásMóvil acquires new customers and overcomes ad production challenges

For Spanish telecom operator, Grupo MásMóvil, having display advertising that stands out from the crowd is essential when acquiring new customers. And in an overcrowded and competitive market getting creative ad production right is part of the solution.

We spoke to Performance Marketing Manager at Grupo MásMóvil Daniel Domingo about how his team creates and manages display advertising. And why Bannerflow’s production automation features make it so useful to telecom marketing teams.

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How does display advertising help your business to acquire new customers?

Daniel Domingo, Performance Marketing Manager at Grupo MásMóvil: Display advertising is a key acquisition channel for Grupo MásMóvil. It not only provides great advertising coverage for our products but enables us to use a performance driven approach too. In fact, we aim for all our display campaigns to convert – and not just be focused on branding.

What are the pain points facing your industry when doing display advertising?

Daniel Domingo: Today, companies, such as MásMóvil, need to offer more and more products to clients –not only that but they must do it in a personable way (whether that is through contextual personalisation, interests, or showcasing specific products).

This means we must produce larger and larger volumes of creatives. The downside to this is that it can turn unmanageable in terms of production.

At the same time, it is essential we are able to maintain our high standards of design, and are able to test constantly and effectively so as to improve conversion rates. It is worth noting that both these processes also involve a huge amount of digital production hours.

How have you overcome these challenges as a marketing team?

Daniel Domingo: When faced with the typical challenges of our industry we believed the solution for us involved finding a technology that would allow us to ease the burden of the creative process and enable us to be more versatile.

What’s more, we wanted to develop and enhance our entire creative process – as well as focus on personalising creatives too. Our intention is that by doing this we can show the user products and offers that are the best match for them based on their needs at that specific moment.

Together with constant testing, we believe these are the best strategies to increase our conversion rates.

And fortunately, Bannerflow answers all of MásMóvil’s needs.

What makes your digital marketing processes unique?

Daniel Domingo: At a first glance, our digital marketing processes are not too different from many other organisations. However, there’s one thing that differs simply because of our industry.

While most of our processes are performed digitally, a big part of our conversions are still made offline (by phone). This adds a great deal of complexity when it comes to our campaigns optimisation as we need to be able to assign online conversions to offline processes.

How has using Bannerflow helped Grupo MásMóvil to achieve its business goals?

Daniel Domingo: To put it simply, Bannerflow has enabled us to reduce our production time! While at the same time increase the number of creatives we develop – without compromising on either branding or design. We now quickly produce ads that are consistent and pixel perfect at volume.

Adding to this, the time it took to set-up and implement Bannerflow for all the different brands we manage was impressively short.

Example of MásMóvil display advertising

As a team we have now reached the point where we can automate creative production based on as many different variables as we want. This is allowing us to experiment with many different campaign creatives continuously, enabling us to increase our ad performance.

Does cloud-based technology help you to work in-house?

Daniel Domingo: In our case, most of our production is currently not done in-house but with an agency.

However, using a cloud-based tool together with our agency has provided us with a lot of advantages. For example, it has made it easier to optimise design, approve ads, as well as streamlining the entire production and publishing processes. Today we work without the need to send creatives back and forth – removing a time consuming bottleneck.

This new way of working is greatly shortening our creative processes. Moreover, in the challenging times that we are currently living, being able to work as well both from home and at the office is not an inconvenience at all but an advantage.

What made you realise Bannerflow was the right solution for your organisation?

Daniel Domingo: After reviewing and analysing different options, we believe Bannerflow is the optimal solution for us as a marketing team. It is enabling us to go step-by-step as we transform our internal processes. We are evolving as a team, moving from simple developments and implementations within display advertising – with almost no technical complexity – to more complex undertakings.

Similar ad tech solutions require complex integrations, as well as maintenance that impedes teams by demanding a lot of hours of work.

With Bannerflow you can start with the design team, automating production tasks, and then progressively move on to more sophisticated strategies – without the need of big development teams.

If you were to sum-up what Bannerflow means to Grupo MásMóvil what would it be?

Daniel Domingo: Defining what Bannerflow means to us I would say: productivity, time-saving, and optimisation.

How do you see the telecom industry changing in the future?

The Telecom industry is constantly undergoing change. For example, there is now huge competition in Spain – with all operators fighting to retain and acquire customers.

Plus, more and more products are being offered together as bundles with mobile contracts. Starting with products within the same sector, such as broadband and landlines lines, it has now broadened to include TV streaming services too.

What’s more, telecom companies have started to offer more than just mobile or related services. Today Telecom brands are also offering banking, energy, insurances, alarms and telemedicine as products too.

Thus we have a bigger and bigger product portfolio, and a larger range of offers, which we must effectively communicate to clients. Plus, in order to remain competitive, we must utilise solutions that personalise the complete user journey.

Next steps

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