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How affiliate marketers can make rich media ads work

The world of affiliate marketing can be tough, especially for publishers.

For affiliate marketers to be successful in their campaigns, they have to make sure their banner ads catch the eyes of their audience and make them want to click. When it comes to affiliate marketing, the focus is on gaining clicks and actions, so it is simply not enough for affiliate marketers to design banner ads that just create awareness; they need to make sure that website visitors click their banner ads as well.

But turning website visitors into clicks and actions to earn income is no easy task. Affiliate marketers can, however, take steps to make sure that their banner ads are optimised; one way to do this is by creating rich media banner ads to incorporate into campaigns.

In this post, we’ll explore how affiliate marketers can use rich media ads to create more engaging campaigns that site visitors will love to click, and in turn, make your campaigns a great success.

Focus on providing valuable content

When using banner ads for affiliate marketing,  affiliate marketers need to present a tempting offer in an attractive way. With rich media ads, you can break down the (sometimes literal) barriers of traditional banners and create valuable content more quickly. With interactive content and video banners, you can offer a lot more to your website visitors and encourage to click your campaign and make a purchase. Text ads and static banners can often be rather restrictive (and don’t perform as well as rich media ads). By trying different rich media formats and elements on your affiliate banner ads, you can offer valuable content to website visitors rather than just bombarding them unattractive ads.

Use rich media to make your website experience more engaging

By using rich media ads, affiliate publishers can improve the overall user experience of its website. This can be especially useful if your site is particularly text-heavy or does not include many graphics or interactivity. Rich media banner ads can make the experience more colourful, as well as more interactive by using formats such as video and similar.

The statistics around rich media banner ads speak for themselves. Rich media ads are more engaging than static banner ads and, therefore, perform better when you compare them to how other formats perform.

Banner blindness is when the internet users become so accustomed to the banner ads that they see online that they become ‘blind’ to them. Banner blindness isn’t a new problem; it is something that advertisers and affiliate publishers have been trying to tackle since banner ads came into existence. Using rich media ads can help publishers beat this problem. The best way to fight banner blindness is by always offering something new and innovative to your website visitors, and you can do this by delivering rich media ads. The reason the first banner ad was so successful was because it was something new and innovative and, therefore, caught the attention on curious web surfers. Therefore, affiliate publishers can apply this to their campaigns to make rich media work for them.

Find a solution that makes building rich media easy

Building banner ads, even rich media ads, shouldn’t be a complicated process. Therefore, for affiliate marketers, it is essential that they find a solution that makes creating their banner ads easy. Otherwise, you will spend too much time build rich media banner ads and will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of their superior performance. With Bannerflow rich media ads are made easy with Advanced Formats and widgets from the Bannerflow Design Store.

Takeaway: provide your visitors with valuable content

In a world where clicks and actions from people you’ve never had a personal interaction with are the most important thing, you have to understand your audience and provide them with content that they’ll want to engage with. Rich media ads, because they are more engaging than static ads can help affiliate advertisers achieve their goals. However, it is important to make sure that if affiliate marketers want to make rich media ads work for them, they need to use a platform that allows them to create rich media ads quickly and easily and to implement rich media ads on their site in a way that will engage users.

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