How Bonnier News Brand Studio Helps Customers Reach Audiences Online
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How Bonnier News Brand Studio Helps Customers Reach Audiences Online

Publishers play a unique role in the world of digital advertising, and in particular display advertising. Not only do they boast the content that brings audiences to their site but they also cater for and create a range of contextual advertising for a range of different brands to use their network.

One such organisation at the top of its game is Bonnier News – a major player in the Swedish media scene, and part of the Bonnier family of companies. Through Bonnier News’ Brand Studio it offers a suite of different advertising services.

We spoke to Fredrik Hagdahl, Head of Concept & Design at Bonnier News Brand Studio, until recently a conversion expert at Bonnier News Sales Growth & Performance about display advertising production at the publisher.

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What are the challenges facing you as a publisher when doing digital marketing?

Fredrik Hagdahl, Head of Concept & Design, Bonnier News Brand Studio: Since we are Sweden’s largest media house, we have no problems driving large amounts of traffic. Our focus is instead helping our customers reach the right target groups across our publications – this is a major challenge but it is also something where we have made great progress.

In fact, at Bonnier News, we offer a whole range of services. Brand client’s of ours receive help to successfully place campaigns across our publications, as well as maintain the performance marketing side of things – plus, we offer the capability to build brand campaigns from scratch. Within this area we now have an interesting new asset at Bonnier News Brand Studio, which is our new Studio Agency team.

How important is it to be able to work simultaneously across all formats and channels when creating digital campaigns?

Fredrik Hagdahl: This is very important. As a major player at all levels – national, regional and local – and with all our titles, we have unique opportunities to reach out to audiences. A fact, which many of our customers are delighted with.

During the pandemic, how important has it been to stay hyper relevant and get messages out quickly?

Fredrik Hagdahl: Fortunately, we have always worked at a high pace and had the agility to be able to turn things out quickly. However, I feel the pandemic has changed the ways we communicate with our readers. And it is clear that the pandemic has also changed people’s living habits and their altered buying patterns.

How do you ensure advertising that is consistent and works contextually for your external customers?

Fredrik Hagdahl: We have many different types of sites, across our network with many sub-sites. This means that for our customers there are many good opportunities to advertise contextually at Bonnier News. Plus, we offer the option of using native content too, which is very popular across our customer base.

How has technology, such as Bannerflow, enabled your team to maintain standards and work remotely?

Fredrik Hagdahl: Bannerflow is an excellent platform for working towards better CTR and CVR – and for being able to achieve a good ROI. In particular, it is a great tool for testing different creative materials and comparing results.

What made you realise Bannerflow was the right solution for your organisation?

Fredrik Hagdahl: If you have the opportunity to drive a Tesla instead of a Ford Fiesta, then it is obvious which one you would like to drive. For me, Bannerflow is a great way of creating effective content, which enables us to avoid banner blindness.

How in particular does Bannerflow help you create engaging campaigns for external customers?

Fredrik Hagdahl: The content comes alive when using Bannerflow – in a good way! In particular, it is easy to edit and work copy, and drive the messaging towards ever more effective communication.

Next steps

Empowering your team to do more through the power of automation, or transforming how you collaborate is easier than you think.

If you would like to know more about the different capabilities of the Bannerflow platform and how it can benefit your organisation then get in touch, or apply for a demo.

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