2000% Increase in Gross Gaming Revenue During FIFA World Cup Campaign
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2000% Increase in Gross Gaming Revenue During FIFA World Cup Campaign

Kaizen Gaming is a rapidly expanding GameTech company with great global recognition. With a focus on Technology and People, Kaizen continually strives to provide the best and most trusted online gaming experience to their customers worldwide.

Kaizen Gaming operates two brands, Stoiximan in Greece and Cyprus and Betano, launched in 12 countries. Obsessed with its customers, Kaizen uses technology and data to constantly push the boundaries of online gaming entertainment.

The campaign

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, Kaizen Gaming ran its most extensive campaign ever. With a comprehensive 360 approach, every aspect of its campaign* was executed in twelve countries using Bannerflow’s Creative Management Platform. From the captivating landing pages to the dynamic banners and the immersive onsite material, Bannerflow helped Kaizen deliver unparalleled excellence.

The campaign, a sequel to Kaizen’s beloved European Championship campaign, consists of our favourite hero Rex who’s back to win the hearts of football fans worldwide. Rex is a nice, friendly dog who simply loves his owner. But Rex also possesses some special qualities.

During the Euros, when Rex’s master was about to bet on the wrong team on his Stoiximan/Betano app, Rex came to the rescue. To keep it short, Rex made an impact, making him famous all over Europe.

In this sequel, Rex is back to take on an even bigger challenge with the FIFA World Cup 2022. The campaign consists of Rex’s comeback video, and then Rex’s cute little face is recurrent in all campaign material across channels.
Watch: Rex is back – Campaign video

*except for the TVC

The marketing mix

With the creative optimisation and seamless integrations provided by Bannerflow, Kaizen amplified its campaign, reaching wider audiences through various mediums:

  • Google Display Ads
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Affiliates
  • Media Publishers and OTT
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Onsite Advertising


Kaizen also seamlessly integrated the Bannerflow platform with sponsored displays on the pitch, ensuring its brand was visible to millions of fans worldwide.

The campaign aimed to:

  • Boost Total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)
  • Increase acquisition indicators
  • Increase the total turnover (TO)
  • Boost retention


One day before the World Cup started, Kaizen was announced as an official sponsor for the tournament. Imagine the thrill of being the first-ever betting company to sponsor the World Cup, and then realising you have just one day to spread the word about the partnership.

An additional goal was added to the original ones; to immediately overhaul all promotional material across all twelve countries, replacing logos in more than 7 000 creatives. It was an exhilarating challenge, but Kaizen rose to the occasion and made it happen, with the help of Bannerflow.

“The biggest challenge was creating a campaign running simultaneously for a global event. Imagine having a headquartered team of designers and marketers to run all countries with translations, adaptations, and 60 different creative sets per country. That would’ve been impossible without Bannerflow’s translation and versioning tool.” says Manos Stefanopoulos, Marketing Manager at Kaizen Gaming.

The strategy

During the World Cup campaign, Kaizen focused on the importance of the user’s journey to understand their needs better and create effective marketing strategies. In a user-friendly way, Kaizen created a seamless omnichannel experience, with, for example, all promotional material feeded in real time and landing pages that were customised by the user or the partner.

Using Bannerflow, Kaizen could unlock a wealth of creativity and innovation across all channels. The platform empowered them to implement cutting-edge strategies that engaged and captivated their audience. Below are some examples of how Kaizen utilised Bannerflow to elevate its marketing efforts in each channel.

Onsite advertising
The onsite visuals were essential to the user’s journey, making complex processes easier to comprehend and navigate. Kaizen applied tags enabling them to personalise the user journey and boost registrations. They also scheduled relevant offerings to be displayed for a limited time during the day, creating a sense of urgency for the users.

Odds Banners
For any betting company, a tournament like the World Cup is the ultimate season to communicate its unique selling proposition. Thanks to the Bannerflow integration with Kaizen’s platform, they could display their odds across its network with pre-event and live odds banners.

Super Enhanced Odds
Super enhanced odds is a special promotional offer allowing users to bet with significantly improved odds on a popular betting market. The tricky part with these odds is that they are available 3 hours before the kick-off, making it impossible to produce creatives. Thanks to the Bannerflow integration, when these odds became available, they were scheduled to create the visual automatically and override all the other creatives for the next 3 hours.

Late Goal
During the World Cup, late goals are common. Thanks to the Bannerflow integration, Kaizen could let its users know the possibility of a late goal being scored. When the clock hit 80′, they scheduled the live odds to override the campaigns for the next 15 minutes and display the possibilities for a late goal in the last 15′ minutes of the game.

Odds Widget
With the odds widget, Kaizen offered its users to navigate its offerings without visiting its platform. The odds widget integrated the most popular odds into a carousel. For each parameter, the widget generated different creatives. This increased the interactions with Kaizen’s banners significantly and increased the quality of its leads. Once the user clicked the banner, the selection was added to his bet slip without any extra interaction.

OTT Real Time Odds
Connected TV (CTV) real-time odds is a revolutionary solution that allows viewers to access live betting odds while watching their favourite match. Along with Bannerflow, Kaizen created a customised solution where the streaming provider could recreate the odds banner of his choice by simply inserting the code of the match available in the URL of Kaizen’s platform. Both sports fans and casual viewers alike embraced this innovative concept.

The results

The World Cup campaign was Kaizen’s most extensive campaign ever published, with impressive delivery and results.

“Bannerflow enabled us to run everything we wanted. I mean, we ran banners for twelve countries at the same time with the same campaign for the same match, in real-time, for four matches per day. We couldn’t have done it without Bannerflow, really.” says Manos Stefanopoulos.

To provide a better understanding of the results achieved by Kaizen, let’s begin to look at the delivery in numbers:

140+ Creative Sets
Each creative set contained up to 78 dimensions summing up more than 7K creatives.
100+ Landing Pages
Five different types of landing pages covered not only the needs of their customers but also their partners.
54+ Feeds
Kaizen integrated its product offering, from odds to F2P games, in interactive playable banners.
4K+ Affiliates, Media & Partners
Kaizen Gaming has a strong network of publishers, media partners, and affiliates responsible for the campaign’s success.

As expected, Kaizen had massive growth across all entities during the campaign period, 20 Nov–22 Dec 2022, compared to the same period in 2021. To quantify the effectiveness of Kaizen’s campaign, here are the numbers behind it:

Success in numbers 20 Nov–22 Dec 2022

  • Total registrations increased by 730%
  • First-Time Deposits increased by 435%
  • Gross Gaming Revenue was up by 2 000%
  • 566 465 175 banner impressions
  • 2 331 204 banner clicks
  • Brand Lift studies were conducted in 3 countries (GR, PT, RO) with positive results
  1. GR: +4.4pts lift in Action Intent
  2. PT: +10.2pts Ad Recall Lift in 25–34M
  3. RO: +4.4pts lift in Favorability


In programmatic, the overall viewability rates were above average (40%–50%). At the same time average viewable time was 20 seconds, which shows Kaizen achieved running activity in high viewable placements.

About 20% of total registrations, turnover and GGR in 2022 was noticed during the World Cup period, showing the significant growth faced for all markets during the event. In conclusion, Kaizen Gaming’s FIFA World Cup campaign delivered impressive results. On the last day of the World Cup, the campaign automatically went down, giving Kaizen plenty of room to enjoy the happiness of leveraging their achievement.

“One of the most important parts of Bannerflow is the scheduling. When the competition ended, we didn’t do anything. All our banners went down automatically and were replaced with our default campaign. In the past, we worked for another month to remove everything from our site and our partners’ sites.” says Manos Stefanopoulos.

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