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How to Create a Winning Display Advertising Strategy

Developing a robust marketing strategy is crucial for every successful marketing team and business. Under the large umbrella of your overall marketing strategy, it is important also to implement individually-tailored plans for each of your different marketing channels. Therefore, it is just as important to have a clear and defined display advertising strategy as it is to having procedures for other types of marketing efforts such as content marketing or social media marketing.

This guide brings together a whole range of ideas to help you go ahead and build a winning display advertising strategy.

Set Your Display Advertising Campaign Goals

The goals for your display advertising campaigns should be clear, actionable targets that you can work towards achieving during the duration of your campaigns. Your goals could include statements such as:

  • Grow email list to 50,000 subscribers
  • Increase sales by 20%
  • Increase conversions by 11%
  • Achieve a banner click-through rate of 5%

Note that all of these example goals have numbers and percentages attached to them. By creating clear and concise goals, it will be easier for you and your team to understand what success is. By adding a deadline for when the goal should be completed by will give your objectives a sense of urgency. Goal deadlines will also indicate when it is time to reassess your online display marketing strategy and start setting new targets.

When setting your goals look at how your previous display advertising campaigns have performed, or if you do not have this data, check for industry benchmarks to help you create challenging and achievable goals. Set goals that are attainable with hard work; if you set goals that are impossible to reach, you and your team will not feel motivated to try and reach them.

Find the Right Strategic Approach

Finding the right type of strategy can help you to build the right display advertising strategy. Site scout talks of building a lean approach to display advertising that will help you to develop continually and improve your display advertising campaigns. If your goal is to reduce visitors from abandoning their online shopping carts before making a purchase, you will want to adopt a strategic approach that focuses on retargeting. Finding the right approach for your display advertising campaign strategy will give you a clearer focus and help you to achieve the goals that have been set out.

Build Your Team

Establish which individuals need to be on your team to make your display advertising strategy a success. Determine who within your team will handle different tasks. By setting out responsibilities before executing any campaign you will avoid confusion or mishaps later on.

When building your team, you may want to include any decision-makers or other parties such as freelancers who play a role in executing your online display advertising strategy. This way you will know who to keep in touch with during the execution of your plan.

Invest in the Right Tools

To build successful display advertising campaigns, you need to invest in the right tools that will allow your team to execute your display advertising strategy.

To make your strategy most effective, consider using tools that will enable you to create and scale up your campaigns quickly and efficiently. Also, examine the types of technology you need to buy advertising inventory online. Choosing the right network might be a challenging process, but getting it right is well worth it. If you’re looking into going programmatic, take a look at different solutions to help you implement your strategy too. Not all publishing platforms are the same, and therefore it is important for you to consider your business’ needs when choosing an advertising network.

By investing in the right tools while building the strategy of your campaigns will help you to save time later. Don’t risk realising that you won’t be able to hit deadlines because you cannot build your campaigns fast enough. Find the right tools earlier enough so that everyone can get familiar with using them and start reaping the benefits of smoother campaign production.

Understand Your Audience

Now that you have decided on the more technical aspects of your online display advertising strategy, it is now time to flesh it out with content on how to reach your goals. In marketing, knowing your audience is the key to success. By understanding your audience, you can start to plan exactly how you are going to communicate with them through display ads to reach the objectives set in your display advertising strategy plan. The best way to start understanding your audience is to conduct a market research. By doing market research you can begin to build a clear picture of your audience, and this research should influence you

Implement a Plan for Strategy Execution

Build a plan of how you will execute your online display advertising strategy. The plan for implementing your strategy needs to include processes, as well as deadlines and timelines for the building, publishing and measuring and testing elements of your display advertising campaign process.

The way that you measure your campaigns should also be part of your strategy because what can’t be measured cannot be improved- as simple as that. Your plan should include the right KPI’s and metrics you want to measure. These KPIs should link back to your goals so you and your team will know when you have successfully reached your goals.

Building a display advertising strategy will help you to develop campaigns with a greater focus. It will also give you more of an opportunity to evaluate and improve your display advertising campaigns. Through writing down your strategy, you will be able to delegate tasks much easier too. Your strategy will also be the foundation for all of your future campaigns, so you will never need to start from scratch again. Overall, from building a display advertising strategy you can expect to run better planned and more successful campaigns!

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