Social Media Advertising

Increase your ROI, ad performance, and reach audiences at the same time with social media advertising. Take your social media advertising to the next level with our guide.

Bannerflow Creative Studio – makes social media advertising simple!

Combine display and social production

Save budget and time by using a single master creative for all your social media and display campaigns.

Export to all channels

Export entire campaigns to all social media formats, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok – in just a few clicks.

Premium social ads

Create on-brand and network ready ads at large volumes via production automation.

Collaborate with ease

Keep all communication in a cloud-based platform. Create, edit, and approve the whole social media ad workflow, such as format, copy and design, in one place.

Work across markets

Create one personalised ad and have regional teams make local versions for various audiences. Make changes and translate in-platform quickly and easily.

Make ads come alive

Produce engaging ads, apply videos, animations and much more using drag-and-drop. Use automatic asset and image optimisations to avoid costly errors.

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“We started creating social assets in Bannerflow – with sound – which was amazing.”


Sara Waldestam,
Campaign Planner at Storytel

Storytel mother and son playing ad
Telenor best banner social image

“The major benefit for me is time and the exporting functionality. Sometimes I create sets for both display and social, which I can export as either still jpegs, or as movies as mp4. It’s a very easy tool and saves me a lot of time.”


Kristel Thalström,
Digital Designer at Telenor

Download our Social Media Advertising guide