Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising can take time, be costly, and consume energy – unless you combine knowledge and technology. Intrigued? Download our guide to find out more!

Programmatic Advertising

Make programmatic advertising simple using the Bannerflow platform

Produce hundreds of ads in seconds

Create a single ad and have it scale to different formats, in just a few seconds! No manual design or coding needed.

Publish entire campaigns instantly

Distribute all your ads with Bannerflow’s simple integration and go live on multiple display advertising networks simultaneously and quickly.

Premium campaign management

One platform for the entire digital advertising lifecycle enables you to easily take control of all design processes and team workflows.

Update live campaigns

Use Bannerflow’s integrations with all the major networks to update programmatic ads in real-time – no need to republish. Perfect for feeds, key shopping days, and more.

Create engaging ads

Make interactive, personalised ads by adding dynamic content, videos, animations and much more – using drag-and-drop.

Take control over ad results

Make data driven decisions using in-platform A/B tests, heatmaps and other metrics, to create high-performing programmatic ads.

Programmatic Advertising statistics

Learn all the benefits of programmatic advertising in our ultimate guide

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“Bannerflow is every designer and affiliate team’s best kept secret. We are very satisfied with the system and we will definitely keep using it in the future.”


Gloria Cereda,
Account Management Team Lead at LeoVegas

Testimonial LeoVegas using Bannerflow
Case study: Casumo

“Bannerflow lets us create, A/B test, and use more variation, which fits with our business goals and what our needs are. In terms of design we gain a lot.”


Mustafa Ozgergef,
Programmatic Specialist at Casumo

Download our Programmatic Advertising guide