Display Advertising

Why is display advertising such an impactful option for digital marketers? Download our guide to discover the benefits of display advertising.

The only display advertising platform you’ll need

Automate ad production

Produce a master ad and scale it via automation tools into the different ad formats and variations your campaign requires, in a matter of minutes.

Control the whole workflow

Go from idea to production, to distribution, in a few simple clicks. Use Bannerflow and your entire display ad production is gathered in one place.

Publish campaigns in a few clicks

Distribute display ads easily and conveniently across multiple demand side platforms, in order to reach more people.

Drag and drop your creativity

Creating impactful ads has never been easier. Drag-and-drop videos, animations, data feeds, and much more – code-free.

Make data-driven decisions

Use our auto-optimisation algorithm, to promote your best campaign creative and experience 50-150% ad uplift.

Increase performance

Analyse your ads in the Bannerflow platform and make data driven adjustments and optimisations. Use A/B testing, heatmaps, and other metrics to create impactful display ads.

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Automate and improve your display advertising production

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Find out what you and your marketing team will gain from display advertising.

“We are smarter in production, can A/B test easily and can utilise a creative concept much more effectively. Our display advertising is really doable and we can produce all the creatives we need for our display campaigns.”


Mads Cramer,
Global Head of Brand at Content and Design

Global finance brand Saxo Bank
Tele2 ad example

“Designing quality ad campaigns containing different sizes and multiple messages previously took a couple of days work. Now we produce the same quantity in a matter of hours thanks to Creative Studio.”


Gabrielle Lundgren,
Brand Manager at Tele2

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