Maximise TikTok Ad Success: 9 Proven Tips for Higher Engagement

Maximise TikTok Ad Success: 9 Proven Tips for Higher Engagement

Creating engaging TikTok ads can be a game-changer for your brand. Based on the most successful strategies on TikTok and Bannerflow's expertise in digital advertising, we've curated 9 essential tips to elevate your TikTok ad campaigns. Remember, while these tips are rooted in proven tactics, the digital landscape is ever-evolving – keep experimenting and enjoy the process!

Leverage the Power of Sound

TikTok is inherently a sound experience. Emphasise music and sound in your storytelling. Consider using TikTok's array of commercially licensed tracks. Fast-paced tracks above 120 BPM often yield higher view-through rates. Creatively integrate music, such as re-contextualising lyrics or interpreting them literally, to make your ad stand out.

Why is this Important?: Sound is a primary sensory engagement tool on TikTok, capturing attention and enhancing emotional connection. The right audio choice amplifies your message and aligns your content with the platform's auditory-focused user experience.

Get Your Key Message Out Early

Research indicates that over 63% of videos with high click-through rates feature their key message or product within the first 3 seconds. Your content should be direct and to the point. Simultaneously, weave your message into a compelling narrative that resonates with TikTok's user base, keeping the storytelling aspect central.

Why is this important?: Early message delivery capitalises on short attention spans, ensuring your core message is seen even by those who don't watch the full video. It sets the tone and context quickly, enhancing viewer retention and engagement.

Let TikTok Creators Take the Lead

TikTok Creators are experts in what works on the platform. Allowing them to lead the creation of your TikTok videos can result in more effective ads. Collaborating with TikTok’s most successful Creators through the TikTok Creator Marketplace can significantly boost your ad's performance.

Why is this important?: Creators bring authenticity and a deep understanding of the platform's trends and audience preferences. Their involvement can lend credibility and relatability to your content, boosting engagement and trust.

Join in on the Latest Trends

Content that aligns with current trends on TikTok, like new effects, editing styles, or trending storylines, can be a significant performance driver. Stay updated on trending topics and ensure fast production turnarounds to capitalise on these trends effectively.

Why is this important?: Trending content resonates with the current interests of the TikTok community, increasing the relevance and shareability of your ads. It helps your brand stay relevant and engaged with the evolving digital culture.

Keep Your Story Real and Entertaining

Nearly half of the best-performing auction ads on TikTok have succeeded by telling their stories in emotionally appealing ways. Authenticity and a lighthearted tone are key on TikTok. Sometimes, just adding an element of fun or levity can make a significant difference.

Why is this important?: Authentic storytelling fosters a genuine connection with the audience, enhancing trust and relatability. Entertaining content ensures higher engagement and shareability, making your brand more memorable.

Shoot Natively for TikTok

When filming, use TikTok's vertical full-screen format (9:16) to capture the entire screen. Vertical videos on TikTok have been shown to achieve a 25% higher average 6-second watch-through rate. Strive for a balance between authentic-looking content and a polished advertising appearance.

Why is this important?: TikTok doesn’t behave in the same way as other platforms and users expect a different experience from what they see on other platforms.  Using the native format ensures optimal viewing experience, maximising the impact of your content on the platform. It also shows your brand's understanding and adaptation to the unique aspects of TikTok.

Break the Fourth Wall

Engaging directly with the TikTok community is a hallmark of the platform's content. About 33% of the highest view-through rate auction ads break the fourth wall. Engage your audience with direct questions and provoke reactions to create a more immersive and interactive experience.

Why is important?: Breaking the fourth wall creates a sense of intimacy and direct engagement, making viewers feel personally addressed and involved. This approach can significantly increase viewer interaction and engagement with your content.

Overlay Concise and Informative Text

TikTok stories are fast-paced and visual. Incorporating text overlays, effects, or stickers into your videos can enhance storytelling. This style is adopted by 40% of auction ads with the highest view-through rates, indicating its effectiveness in conveying your message quickly and engagingly.

Why is this important?: Text overlays complement the visual elements, ensuring your message is conveyed clearly and effectively. This helps in reaching audiences who watch without sound and enhances overall message retention.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action

Clear and concise calls to action are critical. Whether it's directing viewers to a website, app download, e-commerce portal, or any other action, make sure your CTA is straightforward and uses personal, direct language. TikTok offers various CTA buttons for auction ads, so take advantage of these tools to guide user engagement effectively.

Why is this important?: A strong CTA is essential for guiding viewers to the next steps, whether it’s making a purchase, learning more about a product, or engaging with your brand. It turns passive viewers into active participants and potential customers.

Keep in mind that TikTok evolves rapidly. Continuously experimenting with new creative formats is key to staying relevant and effective in your advertising efforts on this dynamic platform.

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