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Banner examples and other ad formats

Banner examples and other ad formats

Take a look at some of the most eye-catching ads designed for multiple channels – all created without a single line of code.

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Display Advertising Trends 2020

Display Advertising Trends 2020

Learn the latest facts and stats to increase display advertising performance and boost your campaign return on investment.  

Find out what your campaigns are missing with fresh insights into device usage, the impact of dynamic creative, in-banner video, plus much more.   

State of In-housing 2020

State of In-housing 2020

Discover the impact of in-housing on creativity, transparency, data, agencies, and other key marketing functions.

Learn how it will develop over the next 12 months, and how it has changed since 2019.

Bannerflow state of in-housing report 2020

Exclusive early access: The State of In-housing 2021 Report

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How to increase performance via personalisation in display advertising

How to increase performance via personalisation in display advertising

Personalisation in display advertising is nothing new – and it improves your campaign performance.

Best display advertising campaign: ATG

Best display advertising campaign: ATG

Read how ATG created an award winning video display campaign – while working from home.

Erik Laaksonen, Marketing Coordinator at Svea Ekonomi

How Svea Ekonomi creates engaging and impactful digital advertising

Creating engaging digital advertising is especially important when you have only seconds to make an impact.

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The telecom marketer's guide to mastering display advertising

The telecom marketer's guide to mastering display advertising

Download this guide to find practical solutions to the three biggest challenges facing telecom marketers.

The travel marketer's guide to display advertising

The travel marketer's guide to display advertising

Learn how Lonely Planet, Expedia, Kayak (and more) use the latest technology to create high-performing display campaigns.

Understanding Creative Management Platforms E-book

Understanding Creative Management Platforms

Learn how CMPs have revolutionised workflows and eliminated repetitive tasks from display advertising production.

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Creative Management Platforms

Learn everything you need to know about Creative Management Platforms, or CMPs.

essential guide to programmatic advertising bannerflow mount everest

Display Advertising

Read our in-depth guide to everything you ever wanted to know about display advertising.

marketing team smarter book display advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Get your digital campaigns up to speed today with our guide to programmatic advertising.

Webinar: Social Media Advertising

How to optimise social creatives and boost performance.


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Why in-housing matters

Paul Evans, former Global Head of Media at Vodafone, helps you understand the motivations behind marketing taking back control

How to successfully in-house

Simon Buglione, Managing Director, Brand & Creative, Sky shares the tried and tested tips for successful in-housing.

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