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Get insights into digital advertising, from creative production to in-housing, plus much more.

Banner examples and other ad formats

Banner examples and other ad formats

Take a look at some of the most eye-catching ads designed for multiple channels – all created without a single line of code.

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Display Advertising Trends 2020

Display Advertising Trends 2020

Learn the latest facts and stats to increase display advertising performance and boost your campaign return on investment.  

Find out what your campaigns are missing with fresh insights into device usage, the impact of dynamic creative, in-banner video, plus much more.   

State of In-housing 2020

State of In-housing 2020

Discover the impact of in-housing on creativity, transparency, data, agencies, and other key marketing functions.

Learn how it will develop over the next 12 months, and how it has changed since 2019.

Bannerflow state of in-housing report 2020

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