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Bannerflow is loved all over the world, used by over 1000 brands in over 50 different countries. That’s because they’re at the centre of everything we do. Here’s what some of them have to say about us.

Nordic Choice hotels logo white padding

Using Bannerflow, Nordic Choice Hotels has increased its advertising reach. It can produce more campaigns, for multiple markets, faster.


Using Bannerflow, Bonnier Publications is able to control display campaigns for the entire Nordic region, in-house.



Using Bannerflow has proved a beneficial experience for LeoVegas. With publishing across multiple markets and communication between affiliates better than ever. – white

Ladbrokes Belgium has made the most of Bannerflow’s easy translation and collaboration features. Plus, has seen noticeably improved results since implementing the platform.

CMC Markets Logo BF

CMC Markets

With Bannerflow, CMC Markets has achieved greater banner management at a truly global level. This has allowed easy collaboration between in-house teams and third parties across the business.

Betsson Logo BF


Betsson saved time and effort when producing their large amount of banners every month by using Bannerflow. Betsson can now scale out their campaigns and add translations easily in no time.

MSC Cruises Logo BF

MSC Cruises

With Bannerflow MSC Cruises was able to bring its banner production process in-house. Not only were they able to increase their CTR, MSC Cruises are now in control of all their campaigns instead of having to deal with several agencies.

Showtic Logo BF


Since the implementation of Bannerflow, Showtic's campaign click-through rate has increased by 200%. We have credited this to the fact that designers are now able to create more attractive banner designs with Bannerflow.

Tre Logo BF


Thanks to Bannerflow 3 can now concentrate on producing remarkable campaigns. Advertising the right product, at the right time, to the right target group is now a breeze.

DC Thomson Logo BF

DC Thomson

Bannerflow allows DC Thomson to sell sophisticated ad campaigns and enables their designers to be more creative when executing conceptual ideas. Since the implementation of Bannerflow, DC Thomson have seen an increase in their average CTR rates on their bigger clients.

Casumo Logo BF


Before using Bannerflow Casumo were not using banner ads as part of their marketing strategy. Bannerflow enabled Casumo to easily implement this new process into their organization and allowed them to create amazing campaigns.

Klarna logo 2018 white - top padding


Klarna manages campaigns efficiently through a tailor-made, stand-alone banner portal, where it shares online display campaign material to all e-commerce merchants.

Betsafe quiz banner

An interactive banner where you can play a timed quiz in the banner.

CMC Markets countdown banner

A countdown banner created using their own custom widget in Bannerflow, combined with a variety of different animations, all of which makes the design of the banner eye-catching.

3 video banner

A powerful video banner using Bannerflow's video widget. This clever design makes the ad difficult to miss, and highly engaging.

The customer is at the heart of everything that Bannerflow does. Bannerflow understands the problems that designers face and have solved them with great integrity and intelligence.