Optimise your creative, not just your media

Your campaigns can be optimised in many ways – and bid optimisation is only one way. Bannerflow’s auto-optimisation feature enables you to bridge the performance gap and find your best creative design too.

Using our tool makes optimising designs a simpler process. And yes, you can do this using your buying platform– it’s just not as good, and in most cases too complex. Combine bid optimisation in your buying platform and auto-optimisation in Bannerflow to reach your goals faster.

Remove the optimisation bottleneck

Don’t let production costs or lack of resources stop you from optimising your campaign creatives. Achieve sales uplift by:

  1. Using automated scaling in Creative Studio to create the ad variants you require.
  2. Apply auto-optimisation in Campaign Manager via our drag and drop decision tree.
  3. Seamlessly distribute your chosen design variations.
  4. Watch as your campaign is automatically optimised!
Remove the optimisation bottleneck

Get started in minutes

Simply test your creative variants, select your desired accuracy, and publish your campaign. Our smart algorithm takes care of the rest!

Deliver more clicks and more conversions without buying more media. Optimise the money you are already spending by using your best performing creative.

Automate testing to constantly improve results

Automate testing to constantly improve results


“We are proud to introduce the next generation of creative optimisation that cuts testing times in half and delivers conversion uplift of over 100% – with the same budget!”

Jared Lekkas

Jared Lekkas
Head of Product

Get to know your customers

By testing creatives, you learn customer preferences. Apply this insight to future campaigns and meet your goals quicker.

Less waste, more optimisation

Use a statistically robust method to continuously identify and route the majority of traffic dynamically (and in real-time) to the winning variant.

Full control over time and data

Decide test accuracy, and find the best balance between time and amount of data that works for you. Analyse your creative optimisation via analytics.

Optimise without using cookies

Auto-optimisation is not a traditional A/B test, which needs cookies to operate. It doesn’t waste time and budget finding exact conversion rates for all variations – even the worse performing ones.

Instead the auto-optimisation algorithm considers each impression a unique test. Minimizing the number of impressions served to underperforming ads and maximising performance instead.

Optimise without using cookies

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