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Three is a leading nordic telecom brand, with over 2 millions customers. It is at the forefront of in-house marketing, with its award-winning in-house team, Tre Creative Agency, at the heart of its marketing strategy. Known for its innovative adoption of new technologies, Three has been a Bannerflow customer since 2014.

Case study: Three (3)



Telecom is a fast-moving business. For Three the biggest challenge when producing display advertising is to be relevant and have the right offer, at the right time. Three needs to stay one step ahead of the competition too – by being able to update offers in real-time. Not to mention produce stunning ads, at scale, while driving display conversion cost as low as possible.

Ehsan Aslani



Bannerflow enables Tre Creative Agency, to make changes in real-time, scale ads to different sizes, and upload effortlessly via integrations across all the major ad networks. Bannerflow also cuts repetitive tasks, simplifies ad production, and removes the need for designers to code. Meaning design can now take priority, giving Three’s designers more time to test creative elements, such as in-banner video across display campaigns.


By using Bannerflow, Three is able to advertise the right product, at the right time, with the right creative. Three is faster at getting campaigns live and can optimise display campaign performance in real-time. Not only is Three’s in-house agency able to efficiently produce ads with impact but it can react to competitor offers powerfully when it matters – enabling Three to be both data-driven and creative in display advertising production.

"Bannerflow is a high-speed platform for a fast moving business. It allows us to be creative and test new things – and at the same time stay relevant to our customers."

Kristian Lundman
Kristian Lundman Head of Tre Creative Agency

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Three achieved

Three achieved

Case study: Three (3)

“Using Bannerflow made in-house production much smoother. If we need to change the price, or copy, we can easily do it in just a few clicks."

Ehsan Aslani

Ehsan Aslani
Graphic Designer

Agile display ad production

The Tre Creative Agency design team appreciated the easy to use functionality of Bannerflow, with its drag-and-drop features and collaboration tools.

Designers and performance marketers are able to react quicker, test, and make changes instantly – all in one platform – something they couldn’t achieve using other products. The in-house team can have an idea in the morning and a campaign live by the afternoon.

Real-time reactions

Bannerflow’s ability to publish across multiple ad networks means Three can upload campaigns in just a few clicks – a huge time-saver.

Plus, the in-house performance team can update advertising in real-time, across ad servers. Meaning Three can change or customise campaigns at a moment’s notice, allowing them to react quicker than the competition.

Engaging in-banner video

Brand identity for Three is very important. “Threeality”, the word used to describe the brand’s look and feel, requires banners to follow strict brand guidelines and showcase Three in a consistent manner.

Using the Bannerflow video widget Three’s in-house team were able to produce elegant and distinct display campaigns that worked in harmony with their advertising across channels.

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