Global advertising with a personal touch

Tailor ads to all your customers, worldwide – saving time and money.

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Stay relevant and boost results

Increase return on investment by retargeting customers with specific products based on booking history. Or use live data feeds to show automatic price updates.

Boost performance by visualising destinations with hundreds of code-free drag and drop design widgets. Use video, countdown timers – even forms that let customers book in-banner!

“We are able to build better creatives with Bannerflow: showing the right message to our audience, boosting our CTR, and therefore increasing our ROI.”

Jose Luis Aranda
Jose Luis Aranda Global Digital Media Advertising Director

Ads for every layer of the sales funnel

Ads for every layer of the sales funnel

From top to bottom, from awareness to conversion. Go from creative concept to an entire multimarket, multi-destination campaign in minutes.

Localise messages

Translate ads directly in-platform. Scale quickly from one language to all the variations you need for a global campaign.

Demographic targeting

Use ad creatives that connect with audiences. For example, mention Paris’ nightlife in ad copy to young travellers, but display images of Disneyland when targeting families.

Geolocation targeting

Serve local promotions depending on where the viewer is – right down to the district. Localise the content in your ads through familiar imagery, or copy specific to cities and regions.

Refine performance

Evaluate campaign creatives and optimise in real-time. A/B test and update live published ads instantly, to improve results.

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Stay in control and on brand

Maintain brand consistency across all creative assets and campaigns. Avoid lengthy lead times by approving and updating ads instantly – manage regional teams with ease. 

Gain transparency by moving your ad production online and in-house. Go from concept to published campaign using a single, cloud-based platform, and improve team workflow.

“It’s our job as advertisers to make sure our ads load quickly, and without using up too much mobile data. We always optimise our image sizes via Bannerflow.”

Zach Keller Lead UX/UI Designer, Client Solutions

Personalise with dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)

Personalise with dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)

Grab your audiences’ attention. Serve hyper-relevant, engaging ads and show offers and products based on customer data, without using fixed templates.

Personalise everything – from key elements such as the colour of a button, image and CTA; to more advanced features, such as rich media, video, and interactivity.

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