Dynamic creative

Personalise and optimise your display advertising

Bannerflow CMP – Dynamic creative 2k

Dynamic creative with Bannerflow

Engage viewers with hyper-relevant, data powered, rich media display advertising. Realise the potential of your DSPs and DMPs by integrating Bannerflow into your ad tech stack.

Target specific viewer segments and produce personalised dynamic advertising that converts. Embrace the power of in-house programmatic creative.

Stay relevant

Bring your dynamic creatives to life. Serve personalised display advertising across channels, in the best format and size.

From one master creative, produce all the variations you need.

Run targeted banner campaigns that increase your brand’s performance.

Increase efficiency

Use Bannerflow’s CMP to control all your dynamic creatives in one place.

Present the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Build campaigns at scale and get the maximum impact for your ad spend.

Collaborate in-house, and across markets, when building your dynamic creatives.

Optimise with insight

Make informed decisions on the success of your dynamic creatives with analytics.

From the colour of a button, to the images you use, to the copy you write: use cold, hard data, to hone designs.

Use impression data and conversion tracking, with features such as heatmaps, and A/B testing.

Easy integration

Integrate your data management platform (DMP) and other data sources into your dynamic creatives.

Realise the potential of targeting. Create personalised ads at scale that use customer journeys, and demographics.

Plus, apply contextual prospecting.

Apply data feeds

Bannerflow makes it easy to set-up data and product feeds for your dynamic creatives.

Stay fresh and personalised all the time. From copy to imagery, update any object in real-time.

Serve live odds, the latest currencies, whatever data you want – there is no limit.

Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO)

Set-up and control DCO that works for you.

Use Bannerflow’s integrations with DCO providers such as Adform, Sizmek and Google Marketing Platform to produce engaging, hyper-relevant dynamic creatives.

Plan your campaigns and stay in control