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An introduction to display advertising editors

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“By assuming the responsibility of in-house production, rather than working through agencies, we are now in full control of our own creative expertise and can act on new ideas instantly.”

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What is a banner builder?

Banner builders are ad editors in which designers can build HTML5 creatives for digital advertising.

Usually a SaaS design tool, most Banner Builders have the same standard functionalities. These include: a centralised brand asset and font library, drag and drop functionality, appearance and layout settings, animation and motion control, etc.

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Creatives made in banner builders are exportable as many different ad formats, – not just display – such as social and digital video.
Banner builders can be standalone solutions, or features of a bigger platform, like a creative management platform (CMP).

“Bannerflow allowed us to make changes in real-time, scale ads easily to different sizes and upload effortlessly with integration across a range of ad servers – it’s fabulous.”

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What is a CMP?

A creative management platform is cloud-based software that allows in-house teams to produce, distribute, and measure the performance of digital advertising. It is essentially a range of advertising technologies all rolled into one easy-to-use platform.

Most CMPs will offer the following capabilities:
• A builder tool to design creatives
• A scaling tool to mass produce creatives
• A publishing tool with network integration

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However, that’s not enough for today’s digital marketer. The more premium CMPs shine by empowering users further through:
• A builder tool to design creatives
• A scaling tool to mass produce creatives
• A publishing tool with ad network integrations
• Collaboration being at the heart of the platform
• The capability to work across multiple markets
• Analytics, and optimisation tools for all campaigns
• The ability to schedule campaigns
• Enabling live, data driven dynamic content

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In some ways, CMPs act as an in-house agency for brands, reducing time, maximising production, and enabling marketing teams to create better advertising.

They provide centralised, transparent control, resulting in reduced costs, improved collaboration, and simpler workflows. They are ideal for brands looking to shift digital advertising in-house.

Understanding creative management platforms Bannerflow

Understanding Creative Management Platforms

Learn how CMPs can help you control your digital advertising production in a centralised platform. All while increasing productivity and creative quality.