Analyse and optimise

Improve your campaign performance

Bannerflow Creative Management Platform Analytics

Accelerate decisions

Keep your marketing team on track with open access to transparent ad metrics. Use live data to analyse the strength of your creative choices.

Iterate campaigns with real-time analytics, applying insight to design and copy variations.

Clear insight

View metrics such as, click-through rate, clicks, impressions, and even custom events such as video starts.

Compare campaigns, versions, formats, domains, devices, and languages.

A/B testing

Find out what converts best.

Use A/B testing to easily evaluate banner variants: try different messages, call to actions, design elements, buttons, images, and more...

Use heatmaps

Revise and tweak banner designs through the use of heatmaps.

Use in combination with A/B testing to further improve creatives and reach your campaign goals.

Live optimisation

React in record time: apply edits to live ads, across banner sets, instantly.

Plus, add conversion tracking to get the maximum value out of your media spend.

Add DMP data

Utilise demographic data from your partners and integrate it into your campaigns.

Use it to profile your audience and make even more relevant banners.

Personalise your display advertising