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Ebook1 CMP Bannerflow

Understand Creative Management Platforms

The first in a three-part series on demystifying creative management platforms (CMP) has arrived! Download if you are looking for background on why a CMP is game-changing, you are searching for a more effective way to produce digital advertising or you are in need of inspiration within your CMP. Get started now!

Bannerflow creative management platform

Get Started with In-House Digital Advertising

We bring you real-life accounts from leading brands on the merits and challenges involved in bringing digital banner production and media buying in-house! Use first hand experience to understand the possibilities! Download the pdf in less than 1 minute.

rich media ebook bannerflow

The Designer's Guide for using Rich Media

Learn how to recognise the different variants of rich media, which rich media you should be using and discover how rich media can help you to convert sales. All of this, and more, in our new ebook. Download it today for free!

mobile display advertising ebook bannerflow

The Essential Guide to Mobile Display Advertising

Think mobile-first, in every sense. Don't make your mobile advertising an after-thought and get the basics right for display, first time. Download this ebook and secure mobile traffic strategically.

programmatic advertising ebook bannerflow

The CMO's Guide to Programmatic Advertising

This free guide to programmatic will illuminate your brand's biggest priorities for using laser-targeted advertising. Add your details to get started!