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travel industry download bannerflow

The travel industry's display advertising report

Build your understanding of how the travel industry works with display advertising. Download and explore the latest tips and experiences of industry professionals in our handy pdf.

Media buying – the essential guide – cover Resource page4

Media Buying: The essential guide

Download our essential guide and discover how you can accelerate your media-buying, in-house. We provide insight into selecting your media buyer and tips from experts on optimisation.

Ebook2 resource page

Understanding Creative Management Platforms: Pt 2

Part two of our Understanding Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) series explains how premium CMPs move beyond the simplification of display advertising. Discover how they enable advanced formats and seamless campaign processes.

Ebook 1 resource page

Understanding Creative Management Platforms: Pt 1

The first in a three-part series demystifying Creative Management Platforms (CMPs). Learn how the CMP revolutionised workflows and eliminated repetitive tasks from display advertising production.

Swedish project bannerflow cover shadow small resource page

Get Started with In-House Digital Advertising

We bring you real-life accounts from leading brands on the challenges and merits involved with bringing digital advertising and media buying in-house! Use first-hand experiences to discover the possibilities!

rich media ebook bannerflow

The Designer's Guide for Using Rich Media

Learn how to recognise the different variants of rich media, what type of rich media you should be using, and discover how rich media can help you with conversion. All of this, and more, in our e-book.

mobile display advertising ebook bannerflow

The Essential Guide to Mobile Display Advertising

Think mobile-first, in every sense. Don’t make your mobile advertising an after-thought and get the basics right for display across devices. Download this ebook and secure your mobile traffic.

programmatic advertising ebook bannerflow

The CMO's Guide to Programmatic Advertising

This free guide to programmatic will illuminate your brand's biggest priorities for using laser-targeted advertising. Add your details to get started!