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Enable your clients to succeed with Bannerflow

Today, over 80% of business leaders are certain that simply implementing the right technology contributes to better results.

Your expertise, matched with Bannerflow, will give your clients the competitive edge they’ve been missing.

Secure your relationship with them by delivering crucial business improvements.

Remove bottlenecks

Our creative management platform ensures your clients can:

Decrease banner production time by removing repetitive design tasks

Remove the hassle of sending files back and forth, with cloud storage

Reduce days into minutes, as they update live campaigns in real-time

Improve workflows

Increase the digital capabilities and performance of your clients as they:

Design sophisticated HTML5 banners without coding

Create multiple banner sets and language variations in minutes

Collaborate better with in-platform commenting and sign-off

Optimise performance

Accelerate how clients manage and iterate their campaigns as they:

Publish banners seamlessly to their preferred ad servers

Analyse and optimise ad campaigns all in the same platform

Use features such as A/B testing and heatmaps to refine their work

Christophe Michel

"Our CTR has improved since we started using Bannerflow, going from around 0.15-0.17% to a steady 0.20%+"