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Klarna background and logo


Working and collaborating with a large amount of e-commerce merchants can be a challenge, especially when all of them are going to be updated with the latest campaigns. To send out new banner campaigns manually, update with a new campaign or do small design adjustments was not an option for Klarna who had a challenge when changing the campaigns, offers or the design and manually sending out the updates to all their different e-commerce merchants. BannerFlow made this possible with a customized portal solution.


Klarna is one of the fastest growing payment-solution companies in Europe and with a marketing and creative team that wanted to push new campaigns and offers more frequently but struggled since they collaborate with a large amount of e-commerce merchants, it was difficult to manage this and make sure everything was up to date but also making a small design change would mean a huge amount of time of manually work.


BannerFlow developed a tailored, stand-alone banner portal where Klarna can share their digital campaign material to its e-commerce merchants. Klarna can restrict specific banners or campaigns to a particular merchant, or share them to all.

Merchants can now browse the portal without credentials and pick the banner to embed on its web page without any knowledge of coding and always with the latest campaigns.

The design team can now create their design and make design changes and it will reflect all banners in real time without needing to distribute all banners to all merchants with just a click of a button.