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Case study: Klarna

About Klarna

Since 2005 Klarna has been committed to making online shopping easy and hassle-free. Its specialties include: online payments, IT development, data analysis, expansion, e-commerce, and international sales.







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Collaborating with a large number of e-commerce merchants can be a challenge. For Klarna sending out digital banner campaigns manually, just wasn’t an option. With a marketing and creative team that needed to push new campaigns, and offers, frequently, the challenge was speeding up the production process. For Klarna creating, adjusting and publishing campaigns had to be improved.

Why Bannerflow?

Using Bannerflow’s online platform has provided Klarna with the ability to collaborate and update in real-time, whenever and wherever. Previously it was a challenge to make small but crucial design adjustments to a campaign, now they can be made in minutes.

Crucially Klarna no longer has to manually send out updates to all their different e-commerce merchants. Instead, the Bannerflow team provided a customized portal solution. Together with Klarna, Bannerflow developed a specially tailored, stand-alone banner portal where Klarna can share their digital campaign material with its e-commerce partners. Klarna has full control and can restrict specific banners, or campaigns, to a particular merchant, or choose to share them to all.

Using this portal, Klarna’s merchants can now browse and select the best banner to embed on a web page – without the need to code! Using Bannerflow has allowed Klarna to share its campaign material easily. Its design team can now create and make design changes that impact all banners in real-time. The distribution of any banners, to any merchant can now be performed in just a click of a button!

To sum up

Previously, Klarna struggled to collaborate with its e-commerce merchants when producing online display campaigns, using Bannerflow’s online platform now means this isn’t an issue. Bannerflow has helped Klarna improve its campaign management, and through the capability of real-time updates, a small design alteration can take minutes rather than days.

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Is that really a valid e-mail?
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