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dc thomson bannerflow case study


DC Thomson is one of the leading media organisations in the UK, with their headquarters in Dundee, Scotland. They also have a London office on Fleet Street. They publish newspapers, comics, magazines and books, as well as an entire range of digital media. They have been with BannerFlow since late 2015, and here’s what they think of the platform.

Challenges faced

HTML5 is the way forward, and we found that Adobe Solutions was overly complicated and simple GIF production, although effective for smaller online campaigns didn’t offer the dynamism required for interaction with customers. We run on fast-paced, tight production times so we needed a solution that had maximum creative flexibility for our designers plus maximum compatibility for our clients, so the biggest challenge we had was finding a platform that was fast, both in the creation process and publishing process!

Another challenge was finding software that was ‘code free’ and focussed on creative design functionality. By utilising BannerFlow, our Creative team now has a solution that answers these problems.

Why BannerFlow?

We found looking into HTML5 technology was a must, especially when Flash based creatives are starting to fall away from the advertising marketplace in general, due to compatibility and bug issues. However, using conventional methods to produce HTML5 ads was too much of a long, drawn out process for us to consider, as we work in an extremely high paced studio environment. That’s where BannerFlow comes in; we were amazed at how fast we could produce creatives. Moreover the feature to duplicate campaigns for the purpose of re-using templates for other campaigns was a big advantage.

Benefits seen so far

Our average CTR fluctuates, being such a large company with many customers and campaigns. However, since using BannerFlow with our bigger clients, we have seen an average increase in our CTR rates, especially if the message is clear and concise. When analysing Google DFP figures for certain clients we have found that our more creative, original and animated campaigns all benefit from an increase in traffic, especially if used in conjunction with a call to action.

Some of our larger clients have been utilising BannerFlow technology effectively on recent multi-media campaigns. This has resulted in increased sales and social media awareness for their online presence, and we can now answer other clients’ creative requests more effectively due to Bannerflow’s widget and animation features.

In addition to this, some of our motors customers that retail top marques including Volkswagen, Mazda and Volvo have been very receptive to the new technology resulting in increased business in conjunction with HPTOs. We have started the process of introduction to HTML5 technologies to all our clients so time will tell, however the future ROI looks healthy.

Favourite features

The designers have expressed satisfaction in the ease of proofing to clients, as BannerFlow has live previews. We utilise this to make alterations to the artwork in real time, meaning our clients get up to the minute changes they can view quickly and efficiently. The widgets are also another fundamental feature we love, as it gives us the capability of advanced features without having to code them into the creatives, which saves time and is an attractive selling point.

To sum up

BannerFlow allows us to sell sophisticated ad campaigns and enables our designers to be more creative when executing conceptual ideas. This also empowers our sales executives and gives them the tools to compete at a local level delivering artwork on a par with a high-end agency.