Best HTML5 Banner ads 2015
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Best HTML5 Banner ads 2015


"Best HTML5 banner ads 2015" is a competition that aims to recognize and celebrate the innovation and creativity of banners created by our customers throughout the year.

We want to praise these companies and their teams of creatives who have engaged in building relevant and beautiful HTML5 banner ads. The companies who were awarded with best banner of the month in 2015 have been presented below.

How it works

Vote for your favorite banner at the end of the page. At the end of the month, we will be announcing the banner with the most votes. The competition closes on the 15th of March and the winner will be announced on the 22nd of March and will be awarded a great prize!

Let the best banner win!


April's winner - Casumo

Casumo found a creative way of designing their banners in BannerFlow. The design is playful, simple, yet well designed and makes you smile.


May's winner - Bwin

Bwin created a clean and sporty look with a playful animation that makes the banner look powerful.


June's winner - Pelican

Pelican of June has created a fun and attractive design on their banner ad together with dynamic content by using BannerFlow Feeds. 


July's winner - Allegro

Allegro created a well-designed banner in conjunction with an advanced animation that makes the banner playful and entertaining for the viewer.


August's winner - 3

3 created a powerful video banner using BannerFlow's video widget. This ingenious use of video makes the banner difficult to miss and highly appealing!


September's winner - The Wise Miser

The Wise Miser created a banner that catches your attention. The banner ad comes to life with the use of transitions and animations in BannerFlow. The overall impact of the ad is that it is playful and full of movement. 


October's winner - Mekonomen

Mekonomen incorporated video to create a neat and modern banner that goes beyond standard animations. The video has been made by using the video widget from the BannerFlow Marketplace. The result is a banner ad with lots of smooth movement which stands out from the crowd to delivers their message to their audience.


November's winner - Mr. Green

 Mr. Green created an animated banner with custom-made transitions in BannerFlow designed by their design team. This makes the banner entertaining with a Christmassy twist, relevant for that time of the year!


December's winner - Revenue Engineers

Revenue Engineers used BannerFlow to create an impressive banner by using several advanced widgets which when combined make the ad interactive for the user. With great animations and a strong Christmas theme, this is an attractive banner that Revenue Engineers created for NordicBet.

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