Ad Formats

Discover the ad formats you can produce in our Creative Management Platform

Bannerflow - Creative Management Platform - Display-HTML5-Rich-media-Dynamic

Responsive HTML5

Produce HTML5 banners in all sizes for campaigns that work across desktop, mobile, and all other devices.

Rich media

Stand out of the crowd with display advertising that features engaging HTML5 animations and interactivity.

Dynamic ads

Connect banners to live data feeds and apply dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) for the ultimate display ad.

Ad formats Social
Bannerflow - Creative Management Platform - Video-instream-outstream-social

In-banner video

Enrich your display ads with optimised in-banner video.

In/Outstream video

Export creative designs to MP4 and serve them as instream or outstream video ads.


Go native and spread your message! Export your ads to video and use them alongside all your other ad formats.

Bannerflow - Creative Management Platform - Dooh-digital-billboards-signatge-retail

Digital out-of-home

Create motion advertising for digital billboards – template free. Show ads in-store, by the highway, on the subway, anywhere!

Dynamic signage

Inject real-time data into your ads. Create customised ads for events, locations, and particular times of day. Be as specific as you need to be.

In-store communication

Control all your in-store signage: create variants for franchises, chains, locations big or small. Update digital displays with live stock listings and special offers.