Combine creativity and data, at scale

Take control over data to make impactful ads and improve accountability. Use insights to produce personalised ads, at high volumes.

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Achieve a consistent brand experience

Stay on-brand across all channels. Optimise ads automatically and go from a single master creative to thousands of new formats, sizes and variations, in minutes using smart scaling.

Adjust published ads in real-time to guarantee consistent and error free campaigns. Plus, stay compliant with changing legislation by updating ads – without writing a single line of code.

“It’s much easier to keep track of live ads, check the copy inside the ads, and make sure the tagline is the same – so we remain consistent and avoid mistakes.”

Evelina Jensen
Evelina Jensen Acquisition Manager

Cut costs and increase productivity

Cut costs and increase productivity

Concept and A/B test to improve efficiency, creativity, and return on investment. Boost performance by using insight and drive your display campaigns to the next level.

Engage and innovate

Enable designers to make advanced HTML5 banners, with interactivity and video, via drag and drop. Make ads that don’t just meet your customers’ expectations – but go beyond them.

More ads, less time

Scale and optimise multi-market campaigns quickly. Duplicate complex designs across different sizes and formats smoothly – whether for display, social, or out-of-home.

Stay connected

Have all your assets in the cloud and gain the flexibility to work anywhere. Feedback in-platform, across multiple teams, to refine campaigns and improve performance.

Speak your customer’s language

Speak your customer’s language

Get better results and increase accountability by keeping data in-house. Use insights to tailor messages to where your customers are in the sales funnel and drive conversions. 

Gain attention with personalised dynamic creatives that are hyper-relevant to customers. Show specific products, interest rates, or react to competitor offers.

Different formats with Bannerflow CMP

Make room for creativity

Cut manual work to increase creativity and performance. Enable your in-house designers to do what they do best, and make campaigns go from great to groundbreaking. 

Concept and experiment in minutes – reflect and improve campaigns via A/B testing, all in a single platform. Have an idea in the morning and a campaign live by the afternoon.

“Bannerflow is like having an extra colleague: it saves us a lot of time and it allows us to try different things which we wouldn’t otherwise do.”

Erik Laaksonen, Marketing Coordinator at Svea Ekonomi
Erik Laaksonen Marketing Coordinator at Svea Ekonomi

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