The State of In-housing 2021 — Defining how marketing teams evolve

The authoritative report on European in-house marketing by Bannerflow and Digiday


This exclusive and in-depth report explores the impact of in-housing on creativity, technology, ROI, and business practices in 2021.

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  • Which aspects of in-housing are helping teams stay creative 

  • The in-house marketing setups major brands are using and why

  • What the benefits and barriers of effective in-housing are in 2021  

  • Plus, much more...

Featuring exclusive interviews with TikTok, Vodafone, DraftLine, and Twitter.

Find out how in-housing will continue to evolve over the coming months and what has changed since 2020.

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"I believe that the pandemic — in fact — significantly boosted our creativity. We invented many new activities, campaigns, features, and even whole products to help our customers during the pandemic. It forced us to go that “extra mile” at the same time as supporting our usual business goals."
Michal Mironov
Online Marketing Manager, O2 Slovakia


Archive: Read the 2020 report

Archive: Read the 2020 report

Discover the impact of in-housing on creativity, transparency, data, agencies, and other key marketing functions.

Learn how it developed over the last two years - and don't miss out on the updated 2021 report!