Media buyer

Create, buy, and optimise, within the same platform

Bannerflow Creative management platform Media buyer

Bannerflow’s Media Buyer

Combine creative management with programmatic buying to reach the right audience with the right message, at the right time. With ad-serving and trading desk capabilities now at your fingertips.

Together with our partners Platform 161, we provide in-house control, in both design and distribution. The days of handing over ad delivery to an outside agency are over.

Transparent buying

Know where you are spending your money, when buying ad inventory. You can even track your spend on third-party integrations.

With clear reporting, see the true performance of your ads across devices, browsers, domains, locations and more.

Global coverage

Get the best inventory at the best price, at all times, without limitations.

Bannerflow has no preference or obligations towards a specific SSP. We will not let politics or business relations determine where we buy your inventory.

Deeper optimisation

Accelerate your ad performance with in-platform analytics.

Reallocate budget and optimise your targeting, fine tuning your parameters throughout a campaign.

Media buying – the essential guide – cover Resource page4

Learn all you need to know about media buying

In our latest e-book we provide an introduction to media buying, complete with tips on overcoming the most common issues, insights on how to get the best results, and advice on how to select the right media buyer for you.

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