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Bannerflow for brands

Bannerflow works closely with agencies to better serve your brands and end-clients! Our platform is proven to streamline agency and end-client collaboration, and ultimately leads to increased client budgets.

This means:

  • Display campaigns are delivered 85% quicker!
  • Campaign results are far better with higher CTR and more conversions!
  • Manual coding is automated, removing your production bottleneck!
  • Centralised, simplified approval and optimisation processes!

How this partnership works

Bannerflow contracts are signed with the end-client, not your agency.

Both your agency and your end-client will have joint control and access to the platform. Resources such as Bannerflow training, support and a dedicated customer success manager will be accessible to both parties as well.


Bannerflow offers custom pricing plans to each end-client/brand to ensure the best price possible for their individual display and business needs. As such, the end-client will be billed directly for all Bannerflow costs without involving your agency.

Why Bannerflow?

Build innovative and engaging ads that will make your client’s brand stand out. Our drag-and-drop banner builder reduces the complexity of building ads, so you can focus on the creative. You can easily feed your banners with dynamic content like text, video, and images. With our campaign scheduling tool, you can have ads that update in real time, or plan your client’s campaign well in advance to have the right ad showing at the right time!

Collaborate with your client on our platform. Bannerflow has a whole suite of features dedicated to making collaboration between teams seamless. From copy and design contributions to approval of ads, we have the tools, so you can show your clients your work without sending files.

Update in real-time your client’s banners even when they have been published. You can update them in minutes with no need to republish. Perfect for tweaking text or improving images.

Directly publish your client’s campaigns to more than 20 of the biggest ad networks with just a couple of clicks. Or take advantage of Bannerflow’s compatibility with over 100 other networks by using specific tags. All cloud based, no need to upload files.

Optimise your client’s campaigns to run across all devices. Everything you create and publish will look fantastic.

Fallback images are automatically created, and your clients ads will be displayed on any browser, even if it’s not HTML5 compatible.

Utilise A/B test strategies to develop the best performing creatives for your client. Use Bannerflow’s analytics module to optimise your creatives too! Optimisation gives an overall improvement in your client’s ROI and engagement.