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A borderless digital agency. Mirum is united by a shared desire to be global and interconnected, to work collaboratively with clients, and to break down the silos that keep brands from delivering meaningful customer experiences.

They like to learn from data and make things better. Across the globe, they are united by a love of making what’s next.

Contact Mark Tierney at for more information.



In London there is a group of experienced (read “old”) industry professionals from across different geographies and disciplines helping retailers join the dots between digital and physical. They bring ideas and things to senior executives to help them resolve headaches and deliver better results.

They focus on technologies which help retailers and brands sell more stuff, get more folk in their (digital or B&M) stores, become more efficient and engage better.


Brighten Digital

Founded and based in Prague, Czech Republic, Brighten Digital consists of a group of highly experienced professionals from within digital marketing, technology and digital transformation.

They have an all out omni-channel approach in creating their clients future growth strategy. A non-typical IT company they deliver solutions that you will love using top tier technologies.

Luxus worldwide logo

Luxus Worldwide

Luxus Worldwide is a nimble global digital marketing agency on a mission to help leading brands become more meaningful through marketing, design, and technology.

They operate on four continents with offices in Dallas, Helsinki (HQ), Helsingborg, London, Madrid, Singapore, and Sydney. Luxus helps companies with the digital transformation, marketing operations, and digital service design. They do all of that in over 40 languages and most likely in your time zone too!


Initiative Universal Media

Initiative Universal Media started its business in 1987 in Stockholm, followed by Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

It has a strong Nordic focus. IUM is the collected Nordic operation for 2 international media agency networks, Initiative and UM, owned by IPG (Interpublic Group), one of the largest communication groups in the world.

Engagement factory logo

Engagement Factory

Engagement Factory is a Modern Marketing agency focused on developing insight to build relevant stories for our clients, and to deliver these stories at the right moment, via the right channel to the right audience, with the support of Marketing technology.

With over 65 trained customer experience consultants across the globe we support clients like Philips, Canon, Holland Casino and TomTom Telematics.



GREENSTORE is a digital solutions provider based in France that caters to the European and African markets. It provides a range of services for its customers from consultancy, and infrastructure solutions, to digital marketing.

GREENSTORE specialises in driving the digital transformation of organisations. Enabling brands to build from the ground up, and create unique digital presences. From SME to Corporates, they assist a range of businesses.

Programmatic digital solution agency logo


An experienced digital solution partner focused on innovative digital marketing, technical consultancy and own development tools for advertisers, publishers and media agencies located in central Europe.

Programmatic helps to deliver a better content experience while its team empowers online & digital markets with technologies, services, and consultancy.

Gig gaming innovation group logo

Gaming Innovation Group

Gaming Innovation Group is a rapidly growing technology business.

The Group offers cutting-edge Cloud based services and Performance Marketing through its 3 B2B products. Owns 7 B2C gambling products, offering games from the best-of-breed suppliers across the online sports betting and casino industry.

Fieldwork solutions PNG2

Fieldhouse Solutions

Fieldhouse Solutions is a Manchester based specialist consultancy practice based in the UK, focusing on clients all around Europe. Experienced in high-tech, gaming, finance, manufacturing, utilities, hospitality, retail and FMCG.

Fieldhouse Solutions helps its clients build their relevance to their marketplace, increase shareholder value and drive continuous improvement. On top of this it holds the highest level of security clearance of the UK Government and Military DBS.