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"Bannerflow allowed us to make changes in real-time"

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3 Scandinavia owns and operates 3G and 4G mobile network in Sweden and Denmark. The company, which is part of the global 3 group, is a joint venture between Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa Limited (60%) and Swedish Investor AB (40%).









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3 is one of the leading telecom companies in Scandinavia. At the forefront of new technology since its launch in 2003, 3 has achieved remarkable growth. Known for its innovative marketing, the mobile brand now has over 2 million customers and has been an avid user of Bannerflow since 2014.

Challenges faced

The challenge for 3 was increasing the efficiency of its production and publishing processes. Finding a way to produce more banners in less time, while becoming more reactive and agile. Plus, ensuring it could still produce the same quantity of inventive display advertising that was its trademark. “The whole design and publish process was much more difficult than it should be”, conceded 3 Graphic Designer Ehsan Aslani.

“Bannerflow allowed us to make changes in real-time, scale ads easily to different sizes and upload effortlessly with integration across a range of ad servers – it’s fabulous”

Why Bannerflow?

For 3, Bannerflow opened up a world of possibility. Its design team appreciated the intuitive navigation of Bannerflow with its drag-and-drop features and simple timeline. While, the ability to scale allowed the team to alter and duplicate designs with ease – something they couldn’t achieve using other products. Bannerflow helped 3 to produce countless high quality online campaigns.

But it was the upload and real-time marketing capability of Bannerflow that struck 3. Bannerflow’s ability to publish across multiple ad servers made it possible for 3 to upload campaigns within a few clicks – a huge time saving. The game-changer for 3 though was being able to update its display advertising in real-time, across ad servers. 3 via Bannerflow could now change or customise campaigns at a moment’s notice. This allowed 3 to both target and retarget powerfully. 3 could also take a more agile approach.

According to Ehsan Aslani, Bannerflow allowed 3 “to focus on more critical stuff”. Put simply: it allowed him and his team to focus on producing beautifully designed advertising. “Bannerflow allowed us to make changes in real-time, scale ads easily to different sizes and upload effortlessly with integration across a range of ad servers – it’s fabulous”. For 3 the impact and design of display advertising can now take priority over the technical side of things. And everything is more efficient.

An unexpected benefit

An unexpected but welcome benefit of using Bannerflow for 3 was in recruitment. Bannerflow doesn’t require its users to be expert programmers or have knowledge of Flash and HTML5 to be utilised effectively. This in turn has allowed 3 to adapt their recruitment strategy. For 3 they can now focus on getting individuals with the right combination of personality and graphic design knowledge. There is no longer any need to compromise.

To sum up

By using Bannerflow 3 has been able to advertise the right product, at the right time to the right target group. And as John Gertell VP of Digital Channels at 3 explains: “we are faster than ever getting our campaigns live. We have become agile and can quickly optimize campaign performance. We see Bannerflow as an important partner as we move into the future of digital marketing”. The underlying fact is that since 3 started using Bannerflow they have increased the number of banners they produce, which in turn has both increased and broadened the target groups visiting tre.se.

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Is that really a valid e-mail?
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