Achieving the goal of creating a more efficient workflow

Case study: Showtic

About Showtic

Showtic is a Swedish online e-commerce company. It offers customers the ability to book tickets for musicals, shows and concerts, plus the ability to purchase travel, hotels, and food.


Göteborg, Västergötland






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Timing is everything when it comes to building a successful marketing campaign. This was certainly the case for Showtic, who needed to build banner ads that coincided with their frequently changing campaigns. With Bannerflow, Showtic was able to achieve this, as well as improving their campaign performance significantly.


Showtic faced the challenge of building a lot of different banner campaigns to promote their events and ticket sales. Showtic found that building so many campaigns was a slow and time-consuming process. Another challenge was that small changes such a text edits in the banners, and administrative tasks such as banner approval and uploading banners was an inefficient process.

Showtic wanted to build a more effective banner production workflow that would be better in sync with their frequently updating ticket sales campaigns.

“We have benefited from Bannerflow’s easy and fast way of creating the many different banners we need. It now takes a lot less time, and we can meet campaign deadlines easily”


Since the implementation of Bannerflow Showtic’s campaign click-through rate has increased by 200%. The team at Showtic have credited this to the fact that designers are now able to create more attractive banner designs by using the Bannerflow platform.

Karolina Gustafson, Graphic Designer at Showtic has nothing but praise for Bannerflow: “they have a very professional team at Bannerflow. They are always keen to help with a fast response. If we have an idea we would like to apply, the team at Bannerflow are more than happy to help us achieve our goals. It’s a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team”.

Showtic was also able to achieve their goal of creating a more efficient workflow by using Bannerflow’s fast and easy-to-use tool. It now takes designers less time to build campaigns that perform better.

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Is that really a valid e-mail?
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