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We spoke to Rogier Beerends Head of Creative at Revenue Engineers about how Bannerflow has helped them improve their banner campaign building process.

How long does it take a designer to build a campaign with Bannerflow compared to before?

I ‘grew up’ in the agency world – where in general, agencies take up to a week to deliver a single banner campaign. In that process, you’d have a copywriter, art director/designer and interaction designer working together to create the final output. Oh, and a project manager of course.

Using Bannerflow still means you need a proper design, so if we strictly look at the actual production of the banners, I’d say a campaign can be built between 09:00-12:00 in the morning with Bannerflow, whereas the agency’s interaction designer will take up to two days.

Are you able to create more banners? If yes, how much?

This is one the main advantages of Bannerflow – the fact that you can scale your output immensely and quite easily. In essence, everything you create serves as a blueprint for future things. Whether it is the next banner or next month’s campaign. A fresh set with a new background costs me 15-20 minutes. And since we serve clients that operate globally we can create the same campaign in 5 different languages in a heartbeat. Imagine the impact on a marketing budget if all of these had to be created separately. You’d be crying in 5 different languages.

On top of that; we’ve created certain ‘generic concepts’ that can be used by different clients/brands – which is another way of scaling your business while instantly serving clients.

What has Bannerflow meant to your business?

At the risk of sounding cheesy: it’s at the heart of our Creative Department. But seriously, it allows us to create campaigns very quickly, to scale very quickly. It also allows us to be extremely flexible when it comes to last minute requests. And the straightforward interface and custom widgets make it quite easy to create campaigns that look great.

Furthermore, we are constantly looking at ways to find synergy between technique & creativity. Bannerflow makes it possible to integrate pretty advanced widgets – so that’s what we did, and what we’re doing as we speak.

As a result, we have been able to create very attractive and effective interactive campaigns. The beauty is that because these widgets become an intrinsic part of Bannerflow, it’s easy to customize to our liking.

Our latest project is what we call the ‘Promotion Engine’. Effectively we’re in the process of automatizing the banner production of ‘basic promotions’. Regarding synergy: our Technical department created a feed that dynamically serves the images and text of promotions, while, at the same time, our Creative department created the blueprint of a banner (in 10 different formats), using Bannerflow’s dynamic content feature. So by simply changing text and image URL’s in the back-end you instantly create ten different banners – which is a life-saving solution for the year-round promotion calendar every marketer struggles with.

What is your average CTR? Has it improved? If yes, how much?

Average CTR… I’ll be honest, don’t know that by heart. What I do know is that CTR is the game of optimization. For that, you need to be able to test different variables, and let the data decide what works best creatively. That means you have to be able to change variables quickly and structurally. Bannerflow makes it possible to do this – in an extremely flexible and cost-effective way. Which means that an improved CTR is a given.

If you could describe how it is to work in Bannerflow with one sentence, what would you say? 

It’s pretty brilliant.

Betsafe quiz banner

An interactive banner where you can play a timed quiz in the banner.

Kroon Casino interactive banner

An interactive banner where you can test your casino skills by answering three different questions on the banner itself.

NordicBet advent calender banner

This advent calendar banner was created using several advanced widgets. When combined, the widgets make the ad interactive.