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Case study: Nordic Choice Hotels

About Nordic Choice Hotels

Nordic Choice Hotels is one of the largest hotel organisations in Scandinavia. It manages more than 190 hotels and three chains; Clarion Hotel, Quality Hotel and Comfort Hotel. Additionally, they operate 20 standalone hotels.


Oslo, Norway





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Nordic Choice Hotels’ motto is energy, courage, and enthusiasm. It has grown rapidly throughout the entire Nordic region, from 8 hotels in 1996 to more than 190 hotels today. It is an organisation that is always looking to increase performance, from customer satisfaction to its online display advertising.

Challenges faced

Every year, Nordic Choice Hotels creates thousands of banners. Reducing the production time of HTML5 campaigns, and removing the need to code was a benefit. They also needed to work more efficiently in-house, and react faster to changes. Plus, setting up a programmatic campaign was taking too long.

Why Bannerflow?

For Nordic Choice Hotels, Bannerflow’s intuitive interface, ease of set-up, and flexible file structure meant that getting a programmatic campaign up and running was a breeze. In a short space of time they were able to produce and publish banners through one platform – instead of producing in Photoshop and then manually uploading to DoubleClick.


Translation was another area of improvement. With five different language set-ups, Nordic Choice Hotels could use Bannerflow’s creative management platform to produce and edit all their creatives. Changes to copy, and optimisation of design, could be made in-banner, across sizes, and formats. With old time-consuming practices consigned to the past.


Another feature of Bannerflow that enhanced Nordic Choice Hotels’ efficiency was scaling. Not only mass-producing creatives but deploying changes to whole banner sets via a single master banner.  While, applying rich media components, such as animations, and video, could be added to campaigns through widgets, without the need to code.

Increased reach and optimisation

Extending the reach of the in-house team was critical. Using Bannerflow, Nordic Choice Hotels is able to increase ad inventory through making a wider range of ad formats. Plus, by using in-platform analytics they were able to use features, such as heatmaps to gain insight into viewer interactions. Which, combined with real-time updating, meant they could make changes to banners instantly.

As a designer, Bannerflow helps me save time when creating banner sets in different languages, across campaigns.


Using Bannerflow Nordic Choice Hotels are able to increase campaign performance. Banner production is quicker and creating campaigns for multiple markets is hassle-free. Thanks to intuitive design, and creative management features, building complex campaigns, in-house, is now much easier.

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