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Case study: MSC Cruises

About MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned global cruise line. Since its inception in 2003, the Company grew by 800% and is today the fourth largest cruise line in the world.






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MSC Cruises is the world’s fourth largest cruise line and largest privately-owned cruise company. The company has grown by 800% since 2004 and in 2014 carried 1.67 million guests. It currently employs 15,000 staff around the world and is present in 45 countries, including Sweden.

Challenges faced

Operating with a small marketing team from its Stockholm office, for MSC Cruise Scandinavia making the most of its talented staff was essential. It was annoyed with the long lead times for simple updates to existing banners, while agency fees ate into the marketing budget. It needed a solution that gave them full control

“We can now do more, we have the means and resources in-house. We can go from idea to implementation in a short period of time”

Why Bannerflow?

With Bannerflow MSC Cruises now has complete control over their banner sets. They no longer have to wait days for the smallest change to be implemented; they can update ads when they want, in real-time. For Åsa Elmcrona, Marketing Manager Scandinavia, this change has proved very beneficial.

With Bannerflow’s powerful tools, the team at MSC Cruises found creating numerous banner sets, via duplicating, was now a simple and effective process. While Bannerflow’s translation tool made creating banners in multiple languages much less time consuming. This in turn allowed them to use more dynamic banners and experiment with more formats than they had previously attempted.

Before, MSC Cruises faced uncertainty in not being able to test ideas effectively. All that changed when they began using Bannerflow. Using Bannerflow’s easy to use tools they are now able to test an idea in just a few hours – without the need of an external agency. For MSC Cruises it was all about taking advantage of the never ending possibilities to test and optimise creative.

Benefit of going in-house

A major benefit of using Bannerflow has been for MSC Cruises to bring its banner production process in-house. For Marketing Coordinator Sofie Philipsson this has had a clear benefit: “We are now in control of all the banner/display campaigns/tests, instead of having to deal with several agencies.“ While for Åsa Elmcrona this has allowed her team to become “much more flexible”. Plus the additional responsibility has allowed them to react to market changes and “take the chance”.

To sum up

Using Bannerflow has been a positive experience for MSC Cruises Scandinavia. For Sofie Philipsson Bannerflow, “together with other improvements in the HP/LP, and booking funnel, we have increased both the amount of impressions and CTR. Crucially – and most importantly – the number of bookings online for MSC Cruises keeps on going up.” Overall using Bannerflow has helped the team at MSC Cruises make the most of their individual talents.

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Is that really a valid e-mail?
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